This week, David Sedaris entertains us with his Fitbit obsession, Rolling Stone moves us with a story about Freddie Mercury, and Cameron Williamson (Editor-in-Chief of Canada’s #1 fashion magazine) tells us what he’s been reading.

We asked Cameron how many magazines he keeps in his Next Issue library:

“42. Although Architectural Digest and Dwell give me a serious case of house envy and Men’s Health and Men’s Journal make me feel like a lazy bastard, I still download them each month.”

We can relate! Drop us a line if you’d like to share your Reader Picks.

Happy reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Stepping Out

The New Yorker

David Sedaris wonders why it is that “some people can manage a thing like Fitbit, while others go off the rails?” Here, his amusing account of an increasing step-counting obsession, along with a revealing of the new things he’s seen (cow in labor) and wondered about (how it feels) thanks to Fitbit.

Are You Smarter Than a Heart Attack?


You take fish oil, avoid eggs, and monitor your BMI—all proven heart-healthy habits, yes? Not so much. With advice shifting like the wind, most of us are now misguided. Learn how to cut your risk and take care of your ticker.

The Craigslist Killers


“Wanted: Caretaker for a remote piece of Appalachian farmland.” More than a hundred men applied; four were hired. The preacher and his “nephew” offered each a ride down to the farm. What happened next was almost too terrible to believe.

Ghosts of War


America’s Cold War legacy—the bunkers, the launch sites, the air force bases—is crumbling in silence. But three photographers are risking arrest and injury to document it. Like us, you may be surprised by where some of these secret places are.

Reader Picks | Cameron Williamson

First Show, Last Show

New York Magazine

In May, I spent a few days at the Cannes Film Festival and was fortunate enough to see the premiere of Saint Laurent, an engrossing new biopic about Yves Saint Laurent. This article about a father and daughter photography duo that documented the designer’s illustrious 40-year career, including his first and last runway show, was totally fascinating.

Sex, Lies and Selfies


FLARE is primarily a fashion and beauty publication, but in each issue we make sure to tackle serious topics, too. This story about revenge porn, or the “unlawful dissemination of private images,” will make you think twice about ever sexting someone a racy photo.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Salad

Bon Appétit

Considering I don’t even own a barbecue, I spent a surprising amount of time clicking and swiping through this interactive feature about grilled veggies.

Coming Out, Again


During a week when World Pride is being celebrated in Toronto, it’s easy to think that gay rights are no longer an issue in Canada. However, after reading Emma Teitel’s piece about LGBT Baby Boomers fighting homophobia in Vancouver, I realized we still have a long way to go, even in this country.

Celebrate Music

Queen's Tragic Rhapsody

Rolling Stone

Theatrical, brilliant, excessive — and doomed. There had never been another band like Queen or a frontman like Freddie Mercury, who eventually told his bandmates, “I don’t want to talk about it. I just want to get on and work until I fucking well drop. I’d like you to support me in this.”



Sisters Alana, Danielle, and Este Haim form the most buzzed-about band in LA and beyond. The band is Haim. The family is musical. And they’re redefining what it means to be a girl group in the 2000s.

News and Notes: Why Are Biopics so Hard?

Entertainment Weekly

The recipe for a music biopic should be: beloved musician + crowd-pleasing hits + backstage drama + triumphant or fatal finale. But, from Jimi Hendrix to Hank Williams to Aaliyah, bringing an icon to life on the big screen has never been that simple.

Cardio: Pump up Your Run


You don’t need lab research to tell you that tunes can help you go longer and feel lighter. Take your playlist—and your routine—to the next level with these tips. Includes hot new ear gear and a playlist for an intervals run.

Celebrate the Fourth

Your Summer Party Playbook

Real Simple

Whether you’re hosting an afternoon of lawn games or a night of beer tasting, you’ll find a fun and foolproof game plan here—and see just how easy (and original) outdoor entertaining can be.

Independence Play


What’s the best way to celebrate the Fourth? Having a good time gets our vote. These games, inspired by carnivals, parades, and star-spangled banners, will do the trick.

All-Star Summer

Family Circle

Celebrate the best of the season with fireworks, flags, and a festive backyard menu. Here’s your guide to the recipes and decorating bargains you’ll need to celebrate the Fourth with plenty of good food and red, white and blue.

All-American Cookout

Food Network Magazine

This down-home menu of beer-brined barbecue chicken, cheese-and-chive cornbread, and bacon pinto beans is a guaranteed hit. Also read “American Made” for a red, white and blue ice cream cake that just might upstage the fireworks.

Celebrate New Issues


ESPN The Magazine

Fast Company