There’s no lying, we’ve all wondered what our favorite star athletes look like underneath it all. And once a year, all of our most pressing questions are answered in ESPN The Magazine’s “The Body Issue.”

This year, the pages present 22 athletes at the pinnacle of success, from seven-time grand slam winner Venus Williams to 18-time Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps.

But even more stunning than the athletes who stripped down to nothing? The little insights we learned about them along the way.

1. Amy Purdy inspired us with her strength in the face of trauma. 

Amy Purdy, ESPN Body Issue

2. Prince Fielder received mixed reactions from the public. 

Prince Fielder, ESPN Body Issue

Prince Fielder reaction

Prince Fielder Twitter

3. Venus Williams revealed a personal struggle she deals with every day. 

Venus Williams, ESPN The Body Issue

 4. Travis and Lyn-z Pastrana got down and dirty in the mud during some behind-the-scenes outtakes. 

Pastrana ESPN Body Issue

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