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Ah yeah, the time has come again. ESPN The Magazine’s 6th annual tribute to the athletic form leaves little to the imagination and a lot to envy, all done in a series of beautiful and tasteful photographs. Don’t miss it, along with 3 other always-anticipated annual features.

Read Stephen King’s new short story and you won’t be able to shake that unsettled feeling for the rest of the day. Too scared? Of course not! But just in case, “Lance Armstrong, The Afterlife” is another must-read in Esquire.

This week’s guest curator brings all things beautiful and simple to life in her blog, Pretty Prudent. Her artful picks cover road trips, indoor to outdoor living, and (appropriately) prudent advice.

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Next Issue Picks

That Bus Is Another World


What does it take to distract a man from being late for the interview of his life? This short story from Stephen King will leave you more than a little unsettled.

After the Wave


In March of 2011, Japan was shaken by the fourth largest earthquake in history. The resulting tsunami ravaged the country and caused a nuclear disaster along the northeast coast. Three years later, Kimball Taylor heads to Japan to see how local surfers have braved the fallout.


Vanity Fair

That mysterious “traffic study” on the George Washington Bridge has snarled Governor Chris Christie’s path to the White House. And the more the scandal reveals, the less sense it makes.

My Daughter Has Down Syndrome, and I Wouldn't Change a Thing

Today's Parent

When her newborn was given a terrifying diagnosis, Tara McCallan initially grieved all of the hopes and dreams she had for her daughter. Now, more than a year later, she can’t imagine life any other way. Watch the tear-jerking, inspiring video too.

Guys, It's Not All About Work

Play to Win

Outside Magazine

Serious careers? Check. Committed to their families? Check. Able to beat the pros at their own game? You know it. Five hard-charging desk jocks who manage to do it all share the secrets of their success.

Wisconsin Food Fraternity

Food & Wine

A small band of restaurant insiders, all proud of their Wisconsin ties, are making America a better place to eat and drink. They celebrate “sconnie” style at a party with fantastic cocktails, beer, and bratwurst.


Golf Digest

Would you like to find someone who loves the game (and you)? There’s an app for that. Ashley Mayo shares stories about virtual connections that led to clinking beers in real life.

That's What She Said

Men's Fitness

We polled Shape magazine readers to find out what makes a man. On the outside, anyway. Update your records on what the opposite sex finds attractive these days.

Women In The Spotlight

Siren's Call

Town & Country

It used to be interior design. Then it was handbags. Now the most popular realm for bright young things is the formerly male-dominated DJ booth.

The Secret World of Rodeo Queens


Picture a blur of rhinestones, leather, sequins, and hair spray, and you’re only partly there. Your horsemanship must be impeccable and your rodeo knowledge vast. And boyfriends are strongly discouraged. Welcome to a slice of Americana many of us never see.

Runs to Glory

Runner's World

Thirty years ago this month, a band of extraordinarily gifted American athletes resurrected the Olympic Games and—thanks to a tiny young woman from Cape Elizabeth, Maine—changed distance running forever.

Remembering Maya Angelou


Though we have lost a mother and a friend, Maya Angelou’s spirit and influence will endure for generations. Here, 11 luminaries salute our treasured heroine and recall dear memories of how Maya touched their lives.

Don't-Miss Annual Features

The Bodies We Want

ESPN The Magazine

Yep, it’s that time again. And just wait until you see ESPN‘s sixth annual tribute to the extraordinary power of the athletic form. 22 star athletes in their most, well, natural states.

Photo Annual 2014


A 40-page celebration of mountain biking’s most inspired moments. This is a gorgeous way to get motivated to ride.

World's Best Awards 2014

Travel + Leisure

For 19 years and counting, T+L readers rate everything from hotels and airlines to cruises and destinations. The result? A definitive guide to the places and companies that are shaping travel now.

35 Under 35


This annual feature puts the spotlight on company founders who subsequently become household names. Mark Zuckerberg, anyone? This year, the focus is on the Millennials who are transforming wildly original visions into the businesses of the next decade.

Reader Picks | Jacinda Cannon Boneau

The High Life


A hot and humid July has me dreaming of the most magnificent mountains of the west. The gorgeous photography throughout this Sunset article will inspire plenty of plotting and pining for The Cascades and beyond.

Texas Triumph

Architectural Digest

It was interesting to get an inside look at Laura and George W. Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch. The architecture of the home is surprisingly modest, allowing the beautiful wildflower-filled surroundings to be the focal point.

Camping Reimagined


I’m totally on board with the concept of glamour + camping = glamping. Domino comes through with adorable style for those of us who like to rough it with panache.

Made in America

Country Living

The perfect spot to find thoughtful gifts for the people you love. I’m also a sucker for anything that is listed by state. I can’t help but look to see the Rhode Island and Texas picks. Inevitably, Tennessee’s pick is always the coolest.

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