Traveling with Next Issue

As a fairly frequent traveler, I remember the days when I’d pick up the latest issue of Cosmopolitan or Vogue before every trip.  While I loved flipping through my favorite mags on the plane, I can’t say I was fond of the time spent waiting in line, the ridiculous airport prices, and the extra space I’d have to scrounge for in my already jam-packed travel bag.

For the sake of sheer convenience, I’d always limit myself to one or two in-flight reads (even on the longest of journeys).

With Next Issue, those days are long since past. I just got back from two weeks in Washington D.C., and these three Next Issue travel tips made my trip all the more exciting (and a hundred times easier). 

1.    Plan your trip with Next Issue

When you explore Next Issue’s lineup of travel magazines, your bucket-list might just grow a couple pages longer. Plus, you’ll never miss an awe-worthy attraction or hidden gem again. (Check out our full lineup of Travel & Regional magazines).

Travel with Next Issue

2.    Download your favorite magazines pre-travel

a) Store up downloaded magazines for access on the plane, on the beach, or anywhere else without a Wi-Fi connection

For iPads: To download several magazines at once, simply tap the cloud icon in the bottom right corner of a cover. A subtle orange bar will appear below the cover to indicate the download progress.

For Android tablets: To queue up magazines for downloading, simply long-press on a cover and it will begin saving to your device. A subtle orange bar will appear below the cover to indicate the download progress.

b) Set up automatic downloads

The first time you open a magazine, you will be asked if you’d like to automatically download every new issue. You can choose up to 12 titles to automatically download, which will take place once a day when you have secure Wi-Fi access.

Next Issue on the plane

3.    Prepare for the elements

With these tools, wind, sand, nor sun will be able to stop you from reading.

a)    Investing in a protective case is never a bad idea, especially if you’re about to travel. Check out 10 of the toughest iPad cases and 10 of the top cases for your Android tablet or other 7″ tablets.

b)   An anti-glare screen protector can help with reading in direct sunlight. This option fits on both the iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, while this one is also compatible with all 7 to 8-inch tablets.

c) Looking for a cheaper option? A good old-fashioned Ziploc bag will do the trick to keep your device safe from sand and surf. Take a look at other tips for getting your gadgets beach-ready.

Next Issue at the beach

Any fun travels on the horizon? Share with us in the comments!

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