Laura AckermannWhat will Comedy Central do without Colbert? Can anyone learn to lucid dream? Who’s putting a new face on the anti-sexism movement? Get all the answers in this week’s picks!

Magazines-gone-digital are a must-have on the road and on the couch. What about at work? Laura Ackermann says, “At Persona PR, Next Issue is a company-wide favorite! It helps me stay on top of what journalists are writing about, a must when it comes to pitching my clients effectively.” Enjoy Laura’s picks on working hard, vacationing hard, and life in the Hollywood limelight.

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Next Issue Picks

Hear Him Roar


A football star turned women’s studies student, Jackson Katz has devoted his life to convincing men that they’re the ones responsible for stopping sexual violence. He’s been called everything from “man-gina” to “Katz-strated,” but the world might be catching up to him.

Infant Possibilities

Popular Science

Babies’ genomes hold clues that can save their lives, but that same information could be used in far less noble ways. Where should we draw the line?

Dream On


In lucid dreaming, every night offers up the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure confined only by the limits of your imagination—and it’s entirely under your control. Now, a growing number of practitioners are using their dreams to get ahead.

Comic-Con 2014

Entertainment Weekly

From July 24 to 27, thousands of superheroes and zombies, tributes and otaku, will swarm San Diego for the annual Comic-Con fan fest. Whether or not you’re attending, here’s a sneak peek at the most geektastic games, stars, shows, comics, and movies that will be vying for your attention.

Reader Picks | Laura Ackermann

Don't Sabotage Your Own Vacation


When you work in PR, the business never really slows, and I could sometimes use a reminder about shutting down the laptop during my time off. With 5 tips for “letting yourself off the hook,” I felt like this article was written just for me.

Filter: Band of Sisters

Marie Claire

I was a Women’s Studies major in college, so of course I always keep my eye out for stories of women doing amazing things. The July issue of Marie Claire was full of them. This one is about a model striving for peace in South Sudan.

Tinseltown Angel

Town & Country

I represent a lot of breakout talent, and I found Dakota Fanning’s feature to ring so true to the industry. Growing up in Hollywood can send many child stars off the deep end, but Dakota is a shining example of the poise it takes to stay strong.

Collective Wisdom


I’ve always been inspired by people who can turn an idea into a successful business. From the founder of Skullcandy to the CEO of Foursquare, each of these 16 business owners’ words of advice left me feeling more empowered than the last.

The Labor of Love

How to Find a Guy in 10 Days


In a true “Tinderella” story, reluctant dater Chandler Levack explores the rapidly expanding, digitally daunting world of modern dating.

Heat Up Your Sex Life


Remember sex? That really fun thing you used to do whenever you wanted before kids came along? Well, here’s how to start getting more of the good stuff again.

Miss Me? How a Little Distance Keeps You Close

Dr. Oz The Good Life

These couples have turned the traditional idea of togetherness upside down, and their marriages are stronger than ever.

Divorce Envy

Harper's Bazaar

Lately a new breed of jealousy has come to town. Divorce envy: The uncomfortable feeling that someone else’s marriage is ending in a more graceful way than your own. The trend of the charmed separation.

At The Top of Their Game

Happy 16th Birthday, Here's $3 Million

New York Magazine

When these Dominican teenagers were photographed, they seemed miles from stardom, at dirt-infield batting practice in hand-me-down uniforms. Now they’re among the top prospects for the Yankees, Red Sox, Rockies, Royals, and Rays. And each, suddenly, very rich.

Escape Artist

Field & Stream

The greatest living landscape painter in the country grew up hunting quail and ducks and rabbits. He’s spent countless hours waist-deep in trout streams. Perhaps that’s why Russell Chatham is the master of painting the places sportsmen love to be.

Back to the Future

Sports Illustrated

Even after jilting his hometown four years ago, LeBron James hinted at a return. But this early? With this untested team? The king knows he might not don another NBA crown soon, but this much is certain: Cleveland once again has reason to believe.

Blind Ambition

Men's Journal

Erik Weihenmayer has climbed Mount Everest, raced across the Moroccan desert, and is about to kayak the Grand Canyon’s deadliest rapids—all without being able to see.

Business As Usual

Language: Not Just a Smiley Face


The emoji boom is changing the way we communicate, and some of the world’s largest tech companies see big potential in these little icons. Tap the illustrations in this story to see how humans have used pictorial language throughout history.

Funny Business

Fast Company

Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and a rising cadre of talent have turned Comedy Central into a network that can’t be ignored. Michele Ganeless is their ringmaster.

Up in Smoke

Bloomberg Markets

Publicly listed marijuana companies are luring investors eager to profit from the frenzy over legal pot. For better or worse, one man who has won big is penny-stock veteran David Weiner.

13 Most American Companies


With a cover story about big-time companies moving “headquarters” overseas to dodge taxes, this flipside story highlights a baker’s dozen of consumer brands that are proudly made in the U.S.A.

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