There’s still plenty of sunshine to accomplish those fun and fulfilling activities on your summer to-do list. This week’s picks will lead you to your perfect late-summer escape, whether it’s packing for a grand adventure, honing your favorite hobbies, or relaxing at home with some good reads.

And don’t miss our stories about the first full face transplant (with before and after photos), a movie shot over a 12-year period (Boyhood, in theaters now), and Putin’s reaction to MH17 (a report on why no one can stop him).

The weekend just isn’t long enough.

Happy Reading!

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The New Face of Richard Norris


For 15 years, Richard Norris had a face too hideous to show. Then, one day, a maverick doctor gave him a miracle too fantastic to believe. Richard got a face transplant, a new life, and a new set of burdens too strange to predict.

About a Boyhood

Rolling Stone

Imagine gathering the same cast year after year to shoot a film that spans one boy’s entire childhood. Dazed and Confused director, Richard Linklater, drew on his own memories to create his latest on-screen masterpiece. “My mom dated, as you can tell.”

A Brief History of Autocorrect


Invoke the word “autocorrect” and most think of its hiccups, of the errors collected on sites like Damn You Autocorrect. Despite the inadvertent hilarity, mobile text-correction systems are astoundingly good. Here, an entertaining history of the technology that fuels our mobile motormouths.

Just Try to Stop Him


Vladimir Putin’s ambitions have now claimed the lives of 298 civilians. Why no one can stop him, even after the horrific downing of an airliner and the international condemnation that’s followed.

The Best Summer Reads

The Bookivore's Dilemma


When it comes to reading, you’re a ravenous animal. But which of this season’s many offerings will satisfy your hunger? Here, 25 delicious choices.

Book Club


Here’s a great roundup of funny fiction and buzzworthy titles, including Zarqa Nawaz’s Laughing All the Way to the Mosque, which finds the funny in being Muslim in Canada.

Love in 200 Words or Less


Best-selling novelists tell you steamy, sexy, extremely short stories. You’ll get six little romance reads, thanks to one tablet-exclusive story.

Happy Mommy Pills

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping asked readers to share their best stories. One of the winners, Kathleen Founds, was fearful that giving birth would bring back her depression, so she tried a wacky “natural” remedy, and got some unexpected results.

Hone In On Hobbies

Small World

Popular Photography

35 tips for the best macros and close-ups, plus a breakdown of all the top gear to magnify the miniature in our world.

Have a Little Respect

Running Times

More runners are going off-road, but not all are reading up on proper wilderness etiquette. Here’s a primer, starting with how to “go” in the woods. And check out Beautiful Competition for a roundup of stunning trail runs.

Fire It Up for Chicken

Eating Well

This time of year is all about finding inspiration for chicken on the grill. Fire can do spectacular things for chicken if you know its strengths and idiosyncrasies. This guide lays out the beyond-basics for all your festive summer barbecues and easy weeknight dinners on the deck.

The Fit List

Men's Health

What are your fitness goals? Not just reps or runs. You need to push the body you’ve built. Nail these 15 ultimate challenges, and the bragging rights will last a lifetime.

Late Summer Family Outings

The A-to-Z Cruise Guide

Condé Nast Traveler

While few vacations have the potential to satisfy everyone from can’t-sit-still toddlers to sedentary patriarchs, that’s precisely the one-size-fits-all promise of cruises. Here, 26 reasons to get on board.

Road Trip: Through the Desert


Three days, four parks, and lots of ice cream. Graham Averill shares how he gave his four-year-old twins a taste of the American West on a road trip through southern Utah’s Canyon Country.

Best Trips: The Grand Strand Family Plan

Golf Magazine

August brings the world’s largest single-site golf tournament to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Here, five of the Grand Strand’s top tracks that offer wee ones (under 16) free play.

Stage a Stargazing Party

All You

How about an outing in your own backyard? Heavenly viewing beats staring at a screen. Here, your “how to see it” guide to the upcoming super moon and Perseid meteor shower.

Animal Instinct

Kooky Pet Facts

HGTV Magazine

Why does a cat meow? What does a dog’s tail-wagging really mean? The answers to these questions and more.

Earth Matters: A Safe Haven for Bees

Organic Gardening

Visit the world’s oldest bee sanctuary for a peek into organic honey production. Also read A Taste of Honey for honey-sweet recipes from California beekeepers.

Pets: Into the Woods

Family Circle

83% of Family Circle readers listed camping with pets as one of their favorite family vacations. While most recounted purr-fectly pleasant experiences, some ran into problems. Kelly E. Carter, pet travel expert, shares advice for trouble-free camping with four-legged companions.



The coast in Cape Town, South Africa is home to one of the largest great white shark populations in the world. Human encounters with sharks have become more frequent, with tragic results. Now, a non-profit equipped with little more than flags and binoculars has found a new way to keep surfers safe.

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