Guest Curator Jennifer Chen

To me, magazines are the best sources for learning new things, getting inspired, and discovering what’s happening in the world. I used to get so many print subscriptions—Time, Real Simple, and O magazine, that stacked up in piles so high I’d never have time to read them all. Now I’m a freelance magazine writer and editor, and Next Issue has become invaluable to my career.  I read all of my favorites digitally at any time I choose, whether it’s downloading a bunch before a flight or just relaxing at home on the weekend.

Before pitching to an editor, I always read at least three back issues to see what the magazine has already covered. With Next Issue, I have a year’s worth of magazines (and more) to flip through. I also love studying magazine covers to get familiarized with the magazine’s unique style. When I open Next Issue, it’s like being at the best virtual newsstand you’ve ever seen.

Open up the app, tap (+) to add these titles to your library, and enjoy my picks on News to Read Now and End of Summer To-Do.

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News To Read Now

Kara Swisher’s Source Code

New York Magazine

Ever since I heard Kara Swisher, tech journalist and serial blunt speaker, talk at a publishing conference, I’ve been fascinated by her. She’s bitingly funny and somehow manages to be hated and loved in Silicon Valley, counting Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on her buddy list while not being on speaking terms with Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer. Her ability to break tech stories is spell binding, even if you’re not a journalist.

How to Spark a Breakthrough

O, The Oprah Magazine

Every issue of O has a great main feature story, chock-full of wise advice from the best experts, quizzes, and a gorgeous layout. It’s like a gift every single month. The August issue tackles those tiny or big sparks that change your life—like falling in love with a terminally ill woman, being told you’re a terrible actor, or making peace with your fear of flying.

Gone Girls

Marie Claire

I’ve always been a fan of Marie Claire‘s international reporting, and this chilling story about the kidnapping of 300 Nigerian schoolgirls by terrorist organization Boko Haram is one of the best I’ve read in awhile. The stunning photographs show some of the girls who are still missing. The heartbreak of these girls’ mothers is impossible to ignore.

Crime Without Punishment


The tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight 17—carrying 298 people on board, including AIDS researchers and young children—is beyond unfathomable. This in-depth article on the wreckage and Russian president Vladimir Putin’s handling of the crisis is a piece that is important to read to understand the scope of current international affairs.

End Of Summer To-Do

Decorating: Bright Idea


I adored this design mag, and was sad when it ceased production. Then Domino came back, and when I saw it listed in Next Issue’s latest offerings, I squealed with delight. (Literally.) This DIY gem of turning a junk store coffee table into an upholstered bench with a $20 IKEA rug and some yarn is definitely on my home improvement to-do list.

Fire Up Your Veg!

Every Day with Rachael Ray

As the owner of a shiny new outdoor grill, this feature is perfect for summer. I’m dying to try out the simple techniques like parboiling carrots before tossing them on the ‘ol barbecue. Instead of the usual veggie skewers, I’ll be making some grilled bok choy with garlic-sage oil (hello, delicious!).

Take Control of the Laundry, Finally!

Real Simple

I hate doing laundry, but it’s a necessary evil. I keep hoping that there will be some magical way that my clothes can clean themselves. Until then, Real Simple has the ultimate guide for everything laundry, including why folding clothes straight out of the dryer is best. Fine! I’ll do it. (Next time.)

Binge-Watch the Simpsons


I started watching The Simpsons when I was in fifth grade. I’m 35 now. It’s amazing to me that the show is still on the air, and more amazing still that FXX is airing all 25 seasons in 12 days. D’oh! This epic, illustrative guide is just perfect for any fan to mark off the countdown to all 552 episodes.