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Open Next Issue and go somewhere this weekend. Go west with a review of 20 must-see islands. Go global with an on-the-ground kidnapping update from Nigeria, digital-exclusive content on the downing of MH17, or a photographic journey through WWI’s underground tunnels. Go to your happy place or get ready to go back to school. It’s all here.

Guest curator Jennifer Chen, freelance magazine writer and editor, says, “To me, magazines are the best source for learning new things, getting inspired, and discovering what’s happening in the world.” Her picks include some newsworthy reads you can still catch thanks to our back issue access.

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Next Issue Picks

Happiness Starts Here


You know it when you feel it. When you first slurp on a summer peach, spot the crinkly smile of a familiar face, get lost in a difficult task you happen to love. In this blissed-out special report, we point you to 31 fresh-tested, seriously fun ways to feel it far more often and deeply—and to relish it that much more.

The Hidden World of the Great War

National Geographic

All along subterranean passages underlying WWI’s western front, soldiers recorded their presence in penciled signatures, sketches and caricatures, carvings, and even intricate relief sculptures. With striking images, National Geographic embarks on a mission to illuminate this forgotten world.

The Man Who Feels No Pain

Men's Health

Born with a genetic mutation, Steve Pete and his kid brother Chris lacked the capacity to feel physical pain. Their fights were the stuff of legend. They felt no fear. But that didn’t stop them from suffering. This story is part of a special section on the world of hurt—and these brothers could be the key to unlocking a new generation of pain blockers.

Paradise West


Treasure Island. Atlantis. Neverland. Islands appeal to the imagination more than any other geographic feature. Luckily, the West is full of them. Here, 20 favorites according to what you might be seeking, whether it’s great Washington State mussels, gorgeous sweeps of Hawaiian sand, or a bear-filled Alaskan adventure.

Reader Picks | Jennifer Chen

Kara Swisher’s Source Code

New York Magazine

Ever since I heard Kara Swisher, the ever-blunt tech journalist, talk at a publishing conference, I’ve been fascinated by her. She’s bitingly funny and somehow manages to be hated and loved in Silicon Valley, counting Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on her buddy list while not being on speaking terms with Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer. Her ability to break tech stories is spell binding, even if you’re not a journalist.

How to Spark a Breakthrough

O, The Oprah Magazine

Every issue of O has a great main feature story, chock-full of wise advice from the best experts, quizzes, and a gorgeous layout—it’s like a gift every single month. The August issue tackles those tiny or big sparks that change your life—like falling in love with a terminally ill woman, being told you’re a terrible actor, or making peace with your fear of flying.

Gone Girls

Marie Claire

I’ve always been a fan of Marie Claire’s international reporting, and this chilling story about the kidnapping of 300 Nigerian schoolgirls by terrorist organization Boko Haram is one of the best I’ve read in awhile. The stunning photographs show some of the girls who are still missing. The heartbreak of these girls’ mothers is impossible to ignore.

Crime Without Punishment


The tragedy of Malaysia Airlines flight 17—carrying 298 people on board, including AIDS researchers and young children—is beyond unfathomable. This in-depth article on the wreckage and Russian president Vladimir Putin’s handling of the crisis is a piece that is important to read to understand the scope of current international affairs.

It's All About Denim!

What Your Denim Says About You


A basic that fades into the background? Hardly! This American classic has always been the perfect way to express your personal style. So all it takes is the right inspiration to spin your denim pieces into a variety of updated aesthetics—from quirky to polished to cool.

Style: Embellished Denim


Whether covered in patches, sprinkled with stones or quilted in flannel, this season’s jeans are all dressed up. Don’t miss out on this unique way to spruce up your jeans and jackets, complete with “DIY Your Denim” tablet bonus.

The Denim Awards


Nylon spends months sussing out the coolest jean-centric fashion for the annual Denim Issue. This year, it’s high time to celebrate the most awesome of the awesome.

The New Denim


You really can wear jeans everywhere. Top model Emanuela de Paula shows how easy it is to take a basic to the next level.

Life In The Fast Lane

Time Bandits

Motor Trend

Honda Civic Si vs. Mini Cooper S Hardtop vs. Subaru WRX vs. Volkswagen Golf GTI. All four sporty ways to cheat the clock, but which model will come out on top?

Ford's Epic Gamble: The Inside Story


How the company took a chance on building its crown jewel—the F-Series truck—out of aluminum, complete with bonus video.

Le Great Race


Le Mans seems like something that shouldn’t be allowed to happen, like it’s almost too much trouble for everyone involved—the competitors, the fans, France. And yet it endures. Here’s why your first visit to the 24 hours of Le Mans likely won’t be your last.

A Gentleman's Guide to New Cars 2015

Road & Track

Every year brings dozens of new cars, some worth buying, a handful simply lustworthy. Here, just the highlights—the important, the beautiful, the mind-blowing—with one Road & Track editor playing host for each chapter of the guide.

Ready. Set. Back To School.

The Best Back-To-School Gear

PC Magazine

The right technology will go a long way toward making school less frustrating and more fun, regardless of what or where you’re studying. These products, all PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award winners, will cover all your back-to-school bases.

The Best Colleges for Your Money


Sticker price is not a gauge of quality or how much a school really costs. Using unique measures of educational quality, affordability, and career outcomes, Money’s new value ranking will help you and your child find the right school at the right price.

Step Up Your Style


A new generation of fashion influencers is here—and they are setting the standard for what you’ll be dying to wear this year! Get inspired, so you can rule at school.

25 Genius Ideas for a Super School Year


Get your students off to a smart start with these clever and completely doable strategies for every part of their busy day.

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