Boyhood Rolling Stone

Can you imagine regathering the same cast year after year for over a decade? Each year, shooting just one new chapter of the same story?

That’s just what Richard Linklater (director of Dazed And Confused and School of Rock) did for his 18th film, the film he’s designated as his masterpiece. In case you missed it, Rolling Stone‘s July 31 issue has the lowdown on Boyhood, the film that draws heavily on Linklater’s own upbringing to depict “adults sort of bumbling through parenting” and, of course, the experience of growing up in America.

Before you head out to see Boyhood (in theaters now)…

1. Open up the app, tap (+) to add Rolling Stone to your library, and read “About a Boyhood” for a glimpse at the man behind the movie.

2. Watch the official trailer. Seeing actor Ellar Coltrane transform from a boisterous boy of 6 to an 18-year-old heading off to college, all in the span of 165 minutes is, admittedly, fascinating.

3. Listen to the full soundtrack, complete with songs from each year in the film’s 12-year time span.