Guest Curator Donna Smallin Kuper

Just last year, I made the decision to downsize…a lot. We’re talking the transition from a 3,500-square-foot home to a 40-foot motorhome overnight. At about the same time, I realized I could only maintain my standards of organization if I went totally paperless.

That’s where Next Issue came in. I’m an avid reader, and often contribute cleaning and decluttering tips to some of my favorite magazines (don’t miss my advice on laundry detergent in the August 2014 issue of Real Simple, “Taking Control of the Laundry!”). I’m so happy to always have the latest issues always downloaded to my tablet—perfect for life on the open road.

I hope you enjoy my picks on living large in a small space and saving those extra bucks around the house, along with picks on my other favorite hobby, whipping up new recipes whenever I get the chance.

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Uncluttered Living

550 Square Feet

House Beautiful

As part of House Beautiful‘s “Living large in a small space” feature, the tips for decorating a 550 square foot home reminded me of my RV life. It can totally be done!

Save at the Supermarket Without Coupons


Well I sure learned something new! Can’t wait to try these savings tips (and even apps that pay you back) the next time I visit the store.


Real Simple

I found this woman’s true story fascinating, and inspiring to anyone trying to overcome an addiction. Also be sure to read my detergent advice in the Real Simple cover story, “Take Control of the Laundry!”

Bad Little Habits That Cost Big Bucks

HGTV Magazine

Do you unplug your cable box? I was surprised by just how much money these simple changes can save around the house.

My Must-Try Summer Eats

Easy as Pie

Good Housekeeping

Perfect timing – I just picked a bunch of wild blackberries! We’ll enjoy one of these can’t-resist desserts tonight, thanks to these simple recipes, tips, and cooking shortcuts.

No Cook Summer Soups

Food & Wine

Tangy Cucumber soup. Mmm, one of my favorites. I serve it in shot glasses as an appetizer at parties. This soup, and the Golden Gazpacho with Avocado, can be made ahead and refrigerated overnight.

Sunday Strategist

Cooking Light

Let’s see…what shall we have for dinner this week? I love planning meals, and each of these is designed to be ready and on the table in 45 minutes or less.

Bok Choy

Better Homes & Gardens

My husband’s favorite vegetable and I’m finding it at farmers’ markets everywhere. Here, a review of the health benefits and beyond-stir-fry ideas to try this leafy green.