Guest Curator Donna Smallin Kuper

Think you could make your home in a 40-foot RV? This week’s guest curator, organizational expert Donna Smallin Kuper, does it in style. Use her picks to transform your space from disarray to clutter-free comfort.

Afterwards, join us in celebrating six decades of Sports Illustrated stars, highlights, and iconic coverage. And we’re not done yet. Our other picks really take things up a notch, both at work and in the kitchen.

Happy Reading!

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60th Anniversary: There and Back

Sports Illustrated

The sports landscape has changed immensely in six decades, but, in many ways, the game remains the same. To celebrate 60 years, here are 66 pages of coverage highlights, in chronological order. And don’t miss the cover, a mosaic reproduction of the original.

The Transgender Crucible

Rolling Stone

As a homeless trans teen, CeCe McDonald suffered a lifetime of hardships. But when she was charged with murder for simply defending herself, she became a folk hero.

Steel Magnolia

National Geographic Traveler

Out of the South’s civil rights struggle, Birmingham blossoms anew. Complete with a guide on where to eat, where to stay, what to see, and what to read when you visit.

Deadly Pain Pills

Consumer Reports

Use of opioids such as OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin has skyrocketed in recent years. With increased use has come increased deaths. Every day, 46 people in the U.S. die from legal pain pills. Here’s how to avoid being a statistic.

Reader Picks | Donna Smallin Kuper

550 Square Feet

House Beautiful

As part of House Beautiful’s “Living large in a small space” feature, the tips for decorating a 550 square foot home reminded me of my RV life. It can totally be done!

Save at the Supermarket Without Coupons


Well I sure learned something new! Can’t wait to try these savings tips (and even apps that pay you back) the next time I visit the store.


Real Simple

I found this woman’s true story fascinating, and inspiring to anyone trying to overcome an addiction. Also be sure to read my detergent advice in the Real Simple cover story, “Take Control of the Laundry!”

Bad Little Habits That Cost Big Bucks

HGTV Magazine

Do you unplug your cable box? I was surprised by just how much money these simple changes can save around the house.

Workin' It

Hillary Off the High Wire


She’s been leaning in for four decades. Now, Hillary Rodham Clinton is offering “hard-earned” career lessons she says all young women should know. Also read the 17th annual “Salary Survey” to see if you’re being paid your fair share.

Do You Have What It Takes?


Do the following traits, characteristics, and quirks describe you? Well then, you might be an entrepreneur (at heart, if not yet in practice).

Solutions for America: Cracking the Girl Code


Tech giants need to close their gender gap. The nation needs to fill critical jobs in computer science. The solution? Summer coding camps, just for girls.

The Stress-Free Guide to Retiring Rich


Achieve the care-free retirement you’ve always dreamed of. Here, the 10 most common retirement fears and what you can do to prevent them from harming your golden years.

Summer's Last Supper

Kebabs for All

Food Network Magazine

Close out grilling season with a kebab cookout. Choose from chicken, beef, pork, and more. Try lamb and artichokes with Greek yogurt dip or rosemary pork with fennel and figs.

Summer Casual

Bon Appétit

Even we admit: There are much better things to do this month than hang out in the kitchen. So we asked Chef Carlo Mirarchi, from our favorite Brooklyn restaurant, how to max out the flavor with pretty minimal effort.

Preserving Summer


Pickling, preserving, and canning have been making a comeback for a reason. They’re great ways to extend the shelf life of summer produce. To get you started, here’s a roundup of surefire recipes and bushels of canning know-how.

2 Sides to Every Peach

Cooking Light

Explore both sweet and savory recipes—and make the most of summer’s fleeting, fragrant fruit. Includes five bonus tablet recipes.

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