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This week, we remember Robin Williams, “the funniest man in the world,” with heartfelt tributes in TIME, People, HELLO! Canada, and a special issue from Maclean’s.

Also this week, Wired has the first in-depth interview with Edward Snowden. He may be in hiding, but he’s got even more top secret revelations up his sleeve.

Finally, explore the latest celebrity gossip, amazing comeback stories, beautiful architecture, and health-minded recommendations from registered dietitian, talk show host, and best-selling author, Julieanna Hever.

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Next Issue Picks

The Most Wanted Man in the World


The untold story of Edward Snowden. Three solid days of hard-won interview time resulted in this revealing story about a uniquely postmodern whistle-blower. And, is it true that another leaker spilled secrets under Snowden’s name?

How to Make: A Boat

Popular Mechanics

As part of their special “Do-It-Yourself” issue, Popular Mechanics visits an after-school program in the Bronx. There, students build wooden boats by hand—and end up learning a whole lot more.

Robin Williams (1951-2014)


TV alien, serious actor, comedy superstar. He brought joy and light to every generation, but struggled with a deep inner darkness. In this special issue, Maclean’s remembers a bright talent who could make everybody happy but himself.

The Wow Stuff


50 components, gizmos, do-dads, eats, miscellanea, and wearables that will bring more fitness, style, safety, miles, smiles, and satisfaction to your cycling life.

Reader Picks | Julieanna Hever

The High-Intensity Cardio Debate

Men's Fitness

Shh…I like to sneak into the men’s magazines every once in a while. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been a hit (pardon the pun) for a while now, and this article does a great job breaking down the benefits.

America's Best & Worst Fast Food

Consumer Reports

I always stay on top of fast food news to see what my clients are up against. It was fascinating (and scary) to see how fast food restaurants lure in customers, aiming for a chunk of the $680 billion Americans spend dining out.

Vanity Fair


Fun options for using phytochemical-rich whole plant foods, such as avocados and berries, as beauty boosters to support and protect skin, helping to fight aging. Nature’s pharmacy is the best!

O’s Guide to the Little Changes That Will Change Your Life

O, The Oprah Magazine

When it comes to physical health, a healthy spirit is the place to start. I love Oprah’s tips on changes of scenery, get-togethers with friends, and workouts that take you from overwhelmed to empowered.

Designing Your Dream Home

My Own Private Idaho


A 196-square-foot house on wheels born of architectural know-how, an enterprising spirit, and just over $11,000. See the beautiful digs and learn how you can make it yours.

The Ultimate New Old House

Country Living

In the 2014 Country Living House of the Year, the magazine’s design team brings old-fashioned favorites like farmhouse architecture and pretty patterns back into fashion with fresh twists on classic style.

Global Warming

Better Homes and Gardens

Designer Bridgid Coulter shows you how to get the popular (and personal) world-traveler look, starting with your sofa. Includes video with tips for creating a global, eclectic look. How’s that for armchair travel?

Mountain Magic

Southern Living

Award-winning architect Norman D. Askins and his wife invite us into their labor of love in Highlands, North Carolina—a cottage they transformed from a dark and dated house into a charming light-filled retreat.

Star-Studded Selections

The 2014 International Best-Dressed List

Vanity Fair

In this celeb-filled special Style Issue, Vanity Fair shares their top fashion acts of the year. See the stylish Lupita Nyong’o, Idris Elba, Neil Patrick Harris, and more.

The End of the Crüe

Rolling Stone

Go inside the tour bus with Nikki Sixx, as he and the Crüe prepare for their final tour ever. One of the last classic bands still touring with their original line-up, the Crüe’s new show is over-the-top, even by their standards.

Julia Roberts: Practical Magic


InStyle’s landmark 20th-anniversary cover demanded a worthy subject. So, naturally, they turned to the ever-captivating Oscar winner. Julia opens up about keeping a marriage strong, remembering her dad, and being a ’50s housewife at heart.

Will She Leave Him?

Us Weekly

Crazy in love, maybe. But certainly not crazy. As cheating rumors intensify, Beyoncé seems to be making plans to end her marriage to Jay Z.

Comebacks That Count

Out Alive: Lost and Blind!


After an hour and a half of touching every rock, stick, and stem in the area, David Snider sat down in disbelief. His glasses were gone…and he was all but blind.

Back From the Brink

Woman's Day

Jenese Henry’s escalating reliance on pain medication turned her into someone her loved ones didn’t recognize. Here, she and her family share her hard-won happy ending.

The Comeback Kid

Runner's World

He was a child prodigy, winning ultra races at 12 years old. Then he was a lost burnout who didn’t run a step for two years. Join James Bonnett on his road to redemption.

Torn Apart


“When I found out my marriage was over, I thought my life was over too. Turns out it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

New Issues

Harper's Bazaar

New York Magazine

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