Whether your summer flew by way too fast (students, we know the feeling), or you can’t wait for the kids to be out of the house (we’re looking at you, parents), back-to-school season is unavoidably here. It’s a time to craft brand new academic goals, a time to redefine your style, a time to reconnect with familiar faces, and a time to make new friends.

Next Issue is filled with inspiring ideas to kick the year off right. We’ve put together a few of the top back-to-school basics for grade A parents and kids of all ages. To explore these items and more in the Next Issue app, just tap (+) to add each title to your library.

Back To School for Students

1. Pack for success: The latest and greatest backpacks and lunch boxes, perfect for carrying homework, textbooks, and delicious snacks from A to B every day. Find these and more in the September 2014 issue of Parents, “Pack It Up, Pack It In.”

2. Rule the playground: What little kid doesn’t love bold colors, cute cartoons, and crazy prints? These essential rain boots, cool kicks, and containers, all from the comprehensive “Back-To-School Gear Guide” in Today’s Parent, September 2014, are sure to make a statement all the way from the cafeteria line to the swing set and beyond.

3. Take charge of technology: We’re tempted to try out the impressive Asus Transformer Book. It’s a convertible tablet, so it’s lightweight and easy to carry to class, and just as effective when it comes to typing that research paper. Best of all? It’s just one of 20+ back-to-school bests of tech in the August 2014 issue of PC Magazine.

4. Transform your look: If you’re a fan of all things preppy, the Lacoste L!ve letterman jacket just might be your ideal outerwear. See where to get it, and other fashion collections from edgy to feminine to refined in the August 2014 issue of Teen Vogue’s “Back To School Style Spree.”

Back To School for Parents

1. Help them rise & shine: Straight from other parents in the special “It Worked For Me!” feature of Parents, September 2014. The Pop Clocky alarm is ideal for deep sleepers. The head actually pops off and starts bouncing around until it’s placed back on its stand!

2. Keep them organized: FamilyFun, September 2014 is packed with “25 Genius Ideas For A Super School Year.” Our favorite? A mobile supply station, allowing little ones to take control of where they want to work, and keeping all their supplies close at hand.

3. Keep yourself organized: Another winner from Parents, September 2014. These special Post-It-Notes are designed to be recognized by the Evernote app. Just snap a pic of any note, and the app will know just where to save it.

4. Pack the most-envied lunches in the cafeteria: With the September 2014 issue of Today’s Parent, not only were we getting inspired by endless creative lunch options, we were getting a little hungry ourselves. Learn to make easy wraps, baked treats, and hot meals to last throughout the week. Oh, and don’t miss out on the interactive Bento box page. We designed the car-shaped bento meal in the photo ourselves!

Best of luck in the school year to come! To see all your back-to-school essentials in one place, just open up the Next Issue app.

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