Inc. 500 Quiz

With the release of Inc. Magazine’s September 2014 issue, you can browse the long-awaited annual Inc. 500 ranking in your Next Issue app.

Inside, 500 of America’s fastest-growing private companies, some awesome products we’re now itching to try, and stories from founders who pushed through the struggle to transform an industry.

Beyond that, the Inc. 500 is really a roundup of our nation’s top leaders.

Could you ever lead a startup to 1,000+% revenue growth in just three years? Tap (+) in the Next Issue app to see the full Inc. 500 list. Then, take the 4-question quiz below to measure just how much you think like an Inc. 500 CEO.

1. How do you respond when met with the answer “no?”

A. Try a new approach. “No” is just a starting point for negotiation.

B. Stick to your belief. “I’m not phased if one person doesn’t like my idea. There’s bound to be someone else who does.”

C. Take some time to sulk before going back to the drawing board.

D. “Hmm…maybe my idea wasn’t as great as I thought.” 

Inc. 500 insights

Inc. 500 answer: A and B 

2.    How would you describe your risk-taking style?

A. The Skydiver – I like to jump right into risky situations. “Come what may!”

B. The Poker Player – I embrace a high level of risk, as long as I’ve intently studied the game.

C. The Chartered Sailor – Let someone else steer the boat, I’m happy just cruising along for the ride.

D. The Chess Player – Leave the adventure sports to others; I prefer sticking to a game I already know.  

Inc. 500 Insights

Inc. 500 insights

Inc. 500 answer: B

 3.    How do you measure your business goals?

 A. I usually set some New Years’ resolutions, but end up forgetting about them after a month.

B. I stick to the goals my boss outlines for me, but that’s about it.

C. I set long-term quantitative goals for myself, but often don’t look back on them until it’s down to the wire.

D. I keep spreadsheets detailing my annual, quarterly, monthly, and even weekly goals. I check in daily to ensure my actions are furthering the big-picture strategy. 

Inc. 500 insights

Inc. 500 answer: D

4.    So, just how determined are you to start your own business?

A. Entrepreneurship isn’t really my thing; I’m fine working for someone else.

B. I have some great startup ideas, but I can’t imagine breaking my back to get them all the way to market.

C. I’ve got a killer work ethic, but making mistakes or facing judgment leaves me feeling humiliated and disheartened.

D. I’ve got an idea that will change the world, and I feel like I have to see it through, even if that means putting my savings on the line, not taking a paycheck until the business is on its feet, and working 80+ hours a week.

Inc. 500 insights

Inc. 500 answer: D

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