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For the long Labor Day weekend, sit back and relax with stories on the hermit that emerged from Maine’s deep woods, Lena Dunham’s candid tales of OCD and therapy, this year’s NFL predictions, or beauty products worth the hype.

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Next Issue Picks

The War of Zeros and Ones

Popular Science

Military operations around the world are quickly expanding into the digital realm, forever changing the way conflicts play out. The hard reality: With cyberwarfare, we’re all in the line of fire.

Poll Winners: America's Favorite Food Cities

Food & Wine

The most intriguing findings from Food & Wine’s first-annual, quasi-scientific, potentially controversial online survey about America’s best food destinations.

The Baby Rain Check


For a growing number of women, freezing their eggs has given them a chance to hit the snooze button on their biological clocks and gain extra time to start a family. One woman shares how she extended her fertility and reclaimed her power.

Connected Home

PC Magazine

Connected devices have finally reached a point where you’re likely to find some in just about every home. PC Magazine has gathered their favorites in a fun, room-by-room walkthrough to show you just how they fit and interact.

Trending in Business

The Billion-Dollar Dress


Rent The Runway’s Jennifer Hyman hooked millennials on catch-and-release couture, but the logistics platform she built is sophisticated enough to dominate the sharing economy.

Sustainable Advantage


This year’s Inc. 500 features a number of companies committed to providing sustainable, eco-friendly products and services. Here, four companies that prove there is almost no limit to going green.

King of the Teletubbies

Canadian Business

Remember Inspector Gadget? Paddington Bear? The kids from Degrassi? Michael Donovan owns them and hundreds more. His plan? To build a Disney-size empire for the Netflix generation.

Knocking on Iran's Door

Bloomberg Markets

Investors are jockeying for position as one of the world’s last closed markets—and richest oil strongholds—anticipates opening for business.

Long Reads for Labor Day

This Place Is Also That Place

New York Magazine

David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas, writes books that seem nothing like each other. Until you read his new one. Mitchell is a supercontinental writer. The Bone Clocks, takes place in several real countries and several you will look for in vain on a map.

Personal History: Difficult Girl

The New Yorker

If you watch HBO’s Girls, you know that Lena Dunham includes much of her battle with hypochondria and OCD in each episode. In her personal history, Lena recounts her childhood, and the many therapists that helped her along the way.

The Evolution of Diet

National Geographic

Could eating like our ancestors make us healthier? What anthropologists are learning about the diets of indigenous peoples like the Tsimane, in the Amazon of lowland Bolivia, could inform what the rest of us should eat.

The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit


For 27 years, a phantom haunted the woods of central Maine. Unseen, he lived in secret, creeping into homes and surviving on what he could steal. Spooked locals wondered how he could be real. Until one day last year, the hermit came out of the forest.

Radiant Beauty Tips

Ancient Secrets, Modern Beauty

Women's Health

Eastern rituals believed to rid the body of toxins and increase attractiveness are gaining popularity in the U.S. And, experts say, the lore is legit.

From Good Skin to Great


The search for a flawless complexion leads senior fashion writer Jayna Maleri to a place she never expected: the foundation aisle.

23 Beauty Products Worth the Hype


Prevention took the newest products to the scientific mat to see which are more than talk. Here, the 23 that claimed the title.

The Shining


The gospel truth has always been that the shiniest hair is virgin hair. But who wants to go her whole life without swimming pools or blow-dryers? The newest shine boosters make your hair gleam without requiring an abstinence pledge.

For the Seasoned Spectator

All Time High


If you think World Cup downhill racing is on the decline, think again. This season, the competition is closer than it has been in years. With some of the most dramatic outcomes ever, the glory days are here again.

Tennis: A Hawk-Eye View of Flushing

ESPN The Magazine

Tennis is all about the hands? Try again. New metrics show the gravity of footwork. To preview the U.S. Open, these metrics reveal where, and how, top men’s players move.

Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson

Sports Illustrated

He won the Super Bowl and did not take a vacation. Instead, almost six months of bucket-list insanity unfolded, involving Jay Z and Bey, Obama, and Bieber. Now what?

Little League, Big Dreams


Don’t call it “small ball.” As hundreds of players and thousands of fans descend on a small Pennsylvania town, a kids’ game gets serious. Inside the Little League World Series.

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