This week, our wanderlust hit an all-time high. Just open up your Next Issue app to travel the globe, from Paris and Amsterdam to India and Ethiopia…no suitcase required.

Ready to keep exploring? Be a fly on the wall at Brad and Angelina’s Château Miraval ceremony. People has the exclusive family photos (that dress!) and a Q&A with the bride herself.

Or step inside the dugout with Billy Beane. His Moneyball tactics changed the game forever, but can they finally lead the A’s to a World Series win?

Happy Reading!

P.S. New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and boy are the fall fashion issues HUGE. Check out our infographic on just how much heavy lifting you’re skipping. If you love fashion, save it and share with a friend!

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Next Issue Picks

Got Grit?

Men's Health

Who’s king of the beasts? The one with the best DNA? No. It’s the one who sets goals and pursues them. Relentlessly. Grit is a real thing, and people who have more of it go farther. Wes Welker, for example. He’s prepping for his 11th NFL season even though football hasn’t always loved him back.

The Renegades Issue: Billy Beane

ESPN The Magazine

Whether you see them as forces for good, evil, or somewhere in between, sports would be boring without the renegades that invent their own way of doing things. One example: Billy Beane. He’s built a legend (and maybe, finally, a World Series winner) with a small-market, big-brain experiment.

Smarter Ways to Make Headaches Stop

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Don’t reach for the painkiller bottle until you’ve read this, because a pill may not be the answer to the storm raging in your head. This guide uncovers expert solutions—some totally natural—that could clear things right up.

Brad & Angelina: They Do!


The world’s most glamorous couple (and six delighted kids) share exclusive wedding photos with People. Plus, the story behind Angelina’s dress and a personal Q&A with the bride herself.

Explore The Globe

The Nylon Girl's Guide to Paris


As fashion week takes over the City of Light, a group of cool locals give us a tour of the off-the-beaten-path spots where they love to shop, eat, party, and passer le temps.

A New Amsterdam

Condé Nast Traveler

Photographer Andrea Gentl (like virtually every artist from Rembrandt to Marina Abramović) had long been entranced by Amsterdam. On her most recent visit, she found a city as beautiful as the one the Dutch Masters knew—but abuzz with new locavore restaurants, concept shops, and inventive hotels.

India: the South


From remote tribal villages to frenzied capital cities, food is life’s organizing principle. In an issue dedicated to India, explore culinary microcosms across the subcontinent. In the south, you’ll find meaty biryanis, watery fish curries, and peppery soups.

A World Apart

Travel + Leisure

On a trip through remote southern Ethiopia, Guy Trebay encounters the last remaining tribes of the Omo River Valley—and the strange, powerful beauty of the unknown.

Fall Into Color

Paint the Fall with Color

Southern Living

Glorious leaves, flowers, and berries make Peter and Jasmin Gentling’s mountainside garden in Asheville, North Carolina picture-perfect. If you plan an autumn visit, bring a bottle of wine so you can linger longer.

Red Is the New Black


Sarah Paulson’s star turn on FX’s American Horror Story will leave you speechless. Here, in this season’s defining color, she lets the clothes do all the talking.

Seduced by Blue

House Beautiful

Indigo is a color that knows no borders and has many different moods. Here, master stylists at Ralph Lauren Home create three mesmerizing rooms that illustrate the infinite versatility of this hue.

This Is Your Face on Color

Real Simple

Stop playing it so safe: Wearing bold makeup can add personality and style to your look. Not convinced? See how four equally skeptical Real Simple readers worked through their color issues with a few easy techniques.

Get Your Gadgets & Gear

38 Gems for Your Mac


Macworld downloaded and tested more than 100 apps for this annual roundup of great Mac apps and software. Here, you’ll find new ways to increase your productivity, unleash your creativity, and enjoy your audio.

Bargains of the Year

Popular Photography

The cost of photo equipment can add up quickly. Popular Photography scoured through all of this year’s gear to find the best values. Now you can pay attention to your exposures instead of your bank account.

Technical Support


In an issue dedicated to the best gear of 2015, including 77 skis and 53 boots, this story is about the hottest new apparel and accessories. Check out the most innovative new jackets, pants, helmets, and goggles—in a setting that’ll get you pining for the snow.

Best of the Best

Field & Stream

The 2014 Best of the Best winners represent an intriguing cross-section of technological ingenuity, whether in the form of a superb bolt-action rifle, a smoking-fast compound bow, or tight-patterning long-range turkey loads.

Just Drive

The State of Car Safety

Popular Mechanics

Fifty years from now, we’ll look back at this moment as a pivotal time in the history of vehicle safety. In the past decade, engineers have invented whole new technologies that make driving safer than ever—and their ideas keep getting better.

The Next Vette

Car and Driver

Here are the predictions for Zora, a secret mid-engined supercar that legendary Corvette boss Zora Arkus-Duntov dreamed about. Includes best-guess renderings and sketches along with the scoop on the hardware and the 54-year history.

Hot Rides of 2015

Consumer Reports

It’s big news when a top seller gets revamped. And for 2015, we’ll see new versions of the Toyota Camry and the Ford F-150. A redesigned Ford Mustang will add a dash of spice and the trend towards ever-smaller SUVs continues.

Electric Weekend


226 (electric) miles through Silicon Valley in a BMW i3. This story is part history lesson, part car review, and part travel guide. Includes Bay Area trip notes and a review of the etiquette of charging stations.

New Issues

Elle Décor

Entertainment Weekly

Men's Fitness