New this week in your Next Issue app: “The Trans Everything CEO” in the September 8 issue of New York Magazine.

What’s Martine Rothblatt’s secret to becoming the only female among the top 10 highest-earning CEOs in the U.S.?

For the first half of her life, she…was he.

Martine Rothblatt in Next Issue, New York Magazine

Living as Martin back in 1983, Rothblatt didn’t have to break any gender barriers to establish himself as the founder of Sirius XM. Then came the 180-degree turn: telling his wife and four kids he was meant to be a woman.

The unbelievable story of Martine Rothblatt, her wife Bina, and the robot version of Bina (see Stephen Colbert’s special report above) doesn’t stop there.

Does Rothblatt’s story prove a point about the persisting gender gap, or has she broken even more boundaries than a typical female CEO by achieving success as a transgender? As Rothblatt would likely propose, should gender even factor into the discussion?

Read “The Trans Everything CEO” in New York Magazine and tell us what you think.