It’s not long before fall comes knocking, so why not get a little jump start? Head to the pumpkin patch, host a fireside party, or get crafty with DIY projects in the spirit of the season.

Then, let the debate begin. What are the NFL’s obligations when faced with domestic abuse scandal? Should Western countries pay ransom to free hostages from terrorist captivity? If the biggest polluters don’t participate, will climate change efforts even matter? Now’s your chance to catch up and weigh in.

Continue with a quick sci-fi read, a rundown of today’s top innovators, or tips for pleasing your partner in bed. We’re off to a fun weekend.

Happy Reading!

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An Altar Boy in the Church of Hollywood

New York Magazine

He says he was sexually abused as a teen by some of the most powerful gay men in Hollywood. They say he’s lying and looking for a payout. Was Michael Egan a newcomer who traded sex for an entrée into show business, or is he an example of the industry’s rampant sexual abuse?

Science Fiction for Everyone

Popular Mechanics

Here on Earth, there are consequences to testing ideas. Sure, scientists could gene-splice monkeys into rosebushes, but where would that lead? The best science fiction writers create safe spaces for us to think about dangerous ideas. Here, a list of 30 essential stories for your bookshelf.

Sisters Strong


Through trouble, tragedy, and triumph, Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts and her siblings stuck together—and proved that sisterhood can save a life.

The Hot Ten 2014

Bon Appétit

Why do people love restaurants? Because eating out is more than just putting food in your mouth. In Bon Appétit’s eclectic list of best new restaurants, you’ll find a sprawling downtown market, a Thai food truck, and an adorable “pastry luncheonette.”

Movers, Shakers & Groundbreakers

The Game Changers

Men's Fitness

They hail from the worlds of sports, finance, fashion, health, and media. They’re fit, bold, and driven by success just as much as by failure. They’re not superheroes. (Actually, some of them are.) Meet the hit makers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and other brave men defining 2014.

Trailblazing Chef Awards

Cooking Light

This year, Cooking Light forged some Golden Cleavers to honor seven innovative chefs. Among the 2014 awards: making plants sexy and partying like it’s 1491.

The 2014 AD Innovators

Architectural Digest

From established visionaries to emerging voices, these 12 intrepid talents are defying expectations, charting new courses, and reimagining the world around us.

New Establishment: The Disrupters

Vanity Fair

This 20th anniversary edition of Vanity Fair’s New Establishment includes a Hall of Fame of key innovations along with this list of 50 disrupters, from Elon Musk to Kevin Hart.

Love, Sex & Relationships

The Good Sex Life

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Women all over the country (and one important guy) discuss their requirements for happiness in bed. Their quotes are enlightening, inspiring—and relieving. We hope it’s good for you, too.

You're Still Obsessing Over Him


Depressed, obsessed, unhinged—this is your brain on breakup. But science reveals you can get over your agony a lot faster than you think.

How to Be Polite to Women Without Pissing Them Off


Chivalry is alive and well—thing is, you’re doing it wrong. Today women can open their own doors, sometimes to their own offices, where they sign your paychecks. So, should you hold the door? Here, the new rules.

Dream Sex

Women's Health

Sleeping next to your man while having subconscious nooky with someone else? Awkward. But racy carnal reveries help turn your waking lust life into, literally, the sex of your dreams.

Harvest Season at Home

Pumpkin Picking

Country Living

Create a showstopping gourd. Whether you’re looking to go playful, pretty, or somewhere in between, you’re bound to find a fresh-off-the-vine idea right here. (Knife skills optional!)

Autumn's Glow

Better Homes and Gardens

Cozy up to your favorite sweater, crunch through the carpet of leaves, and kindle a new tradition: soups, sips, and good times—fireside. Includes recipes and party ideas.

Plant a Pumpkin

Country Gardens

Why not turn an ordinary pumpkin into a living succulent display? Here, a garden designer shares her moss-and-glue method so you can create a long-lasting showpiece for fall.

53 Ways to Cozy Up Your Home

HGTV Magazine

Hibernation alert! Now that the weather’s turned chilly, snuggle down with these fuzzy, toasty, comfy finds—including plenty of DIY for you and the whole family.

Current Controversy

Scorecard: The Brutal Truth

Sports Illustrated

The video of Ray Rice punching his fiancée is more than a wake-up call to the problem of domestic violence. It’s yet another reminder that the NFL faces its moral responsibilities only when it has to.

China, the Climate & the Fate of the Planet

Rolling Stone

If the world’s biggest polluter doesn’t radically reduce the amount of coal it burns within the next decade, nothing anyone does to stabilize the climate will matter. Inside the struggle to find a new way forward.

A Reporter at Large: Dignity

The New Yorker

Fast-food workers aren’t just kids earning gas money. Many are trying to raise families, and often McJobs are the only jobs available. A look inside a new form of labor activism and the fight against starvation wages.

The Real Cost of Ransoms


Scott Gilmore, who works in aid and humanitarian relief, knows eight people who have been kidnapped. Five survived, two died brutally, and one is presumed dead. And yet, he still believes paying for hostages’ freedom has to stop.

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