Derek Jeter opens up - In Next Issue
Photo by Christopher Anderson, New York Magazine

Despite appearing in thousands of national broadcasts and media headlines since his rookie year in 1996, Derek Jeter has always been a private sort of guy—going so far as to make party guests check their phones and cameras at the door.

That’s why his next move comes as a surprise to loyal fans and haters alike.

This week, just before the shortstop’s final game at Yankee Stadium, Jeter Publishing debuted with the MLB icon’s first self-penned children’s book, “The Contract.”

The Contract by Derek Jeter

In October, fans can expect Jeter Unfiltered, “a collection of evocative, documentary-­style off-field photographs.”

And that surely won’t be the last we see of Jeter the media-mogul. In his own words, “Just because I choose to keep a majority of my life private, I still get the fact that content is important. There’s a lot of interesting people out there, and interesting stories, and I want to be able to share them.”

The privacy-conscious icon is quite literally opening his doors. See a never-before-documented sneak peak into Jeter’s world, also available in the September 22 issue of New York Magazine in your Next Issue app.

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