Stacey Kelley, Next Issue Guest Curator

That’s right, I’m completely OBSESSED with magazines. My passion for beautiful content and photography finally led me to start a platform of my own. Spectacular Is is a lifestyle blog all about eyewear and eye care, featuring original photos and articles that showcase the lifestyles of regular people in their glasses.

With Next Issue, I can index my varied topics of fashion, photography, business, travel, food, and celebrities all in one place.  And of course, it’s much easier (and clutter-free!) to keep digital versions of all my favorite magazines.

Here, I’ve curated some of my favorite picks from recent issues in Next Issue—all about the topics I hold near and dear to my heart.

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The Celeb Scene

Lady In Red: Katy Perry

Harper's BAZAAR

First things first, I LOVE Katy Perry! In her Harper’s BAZAAR photo shoot, she goes totally femme fatale. But in her interview, fans get a glimpse of the typical modern woman, approaching her 30s and and learning not to take any bullshit. Katy’s biggest lesson: self-love comes first before you can truly love someone else.

All Systems Go


If I see Richard Branson on the cover, that means that I’m definitely going to read it. As an entrepreneur with bold dreams, he is in a word, my idol. This article reveals his plans for taking consumers to space—a dream I’ve always had. I can’t believe I just might have the opportunity to do it in my lifetime!

Fall TV Preview

Entertainment Weekly

IMHO, Entertainment Weekly is the best source of entertainment news. And this issue is a MUST because it thoroughly breaks down my favorite time of year: Fall TV premieres! Can’t wait for The Black List to start!

Brad & Angelina: They Do!


Personally, I love Angelina Jolie and all she stands for. I’ve even met her through various jobs—an she’s just as lovely in person. When I heard that she and Brad Pitt finally got married, I had to read the story and see the photos for myself.

The Way I Live

Classy and Clever Cases


76 Best Organizing Tips of All Time

Real Simple

I’m obsessed with keeping my apartment organized and clean, with pretty yet modern design choices. I immediately flipped through to Real Simple’s cover story on 76 organization tips for more ideas I could use. Guess I’ll be taking a trip to the Container Store this weekend.

DSLR Test: Nikon D810

Popular Photography

As a photographer, I’m always up on the latest trends and gear. Right now, I shoot with a Canon system, but I’m in the market for a Nikon to add to the collection. I like Popular Photography’s Lab section, which features a thorough test-run review of the latest Nikon, delivering high quality full-frame photos without the heavy files. Just what I’m looking for!

Can You Eat Too Much Kale?

Eating Well

It’s important to me that I stay healthy, so I’m always on the lookout for new recipes to keep me interested in nutritious food. I like Eating Well because they share recipes and new scientific breakthroughs. For instance, there’s a new fear that kale could affect your thyroid…but luckily it doesn’t sound too dangerous at the time being.