Smithsonian Magazine, now in Next Issue

We’re proud to welcome Smithsonian to the Next Issue catalog, bringing the studies and exhibits of the Smithsonian Institution straight to your device of choice. Open up your Next Issue app and find a whole new wealth of historical investigation, scientific reporting, and detailed insights on culture and the arts.

The October 2014 issue is a perfect example. Check out some of the features we loved the most below. Then, just tap (+) within the app to add Smithsonian to your library and start reading.

Smithsonian, October 2014

1) “Eliot Ness vs. J. Edgar Hoover” –  Newly-released files trace the private war between America’s two most famous crime fighters.

2) “Escape to Alcatraz” –  China’s most controversial artist breaks into America’s most notorious prison with a historic new show.

3) “Swimming Upstream” –  Can human ingenuity help salmon navigate the dangers of one of their last strongholds in the northwest?

4) “Cold Comfort” – The remote Cold War radar system set up to ring an alarm against nuclear attack may have new responsibilities due to climate change.

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