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Dive into a wealth of history, science, and art with Smithsonian, the newest title in the next issue catalog. Read the October issue now, and impress friends all weekend with little-known secrets of American history.

Then, check out picks from photographer/writer/eyewear stylist Stacey Kelley of Spectacular Is. A self described tech geek, she delivered articles on everything from the best new iPhone cases to Richard Branson’s plan to take us all to space.

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Next Issue Picks

Eliot Ness vs. J. Edgar Hoover


In an issue dedicated to secrets of American history, this story is about the newly released files that trace the private war between two famous crime fighters. Who knew the leader of The Untouchables lost a mayoral race and was married three times? He blamed Hoover (for one of those failures, anyway).

Love Your Age


Prevention’s second annual “Love Your Age” issue celebrates what it means to age with defiance. To reinvent yourself, as these five readers have done, without worrying about the number on the cake. Ultimately, what your age means is defined by only one person—you.

Derek Jeter Opens the Door

New York Magazine

As the retiring Bronx legend embarks on the next stage of a career he’s determined to tightly control, he offers a photographer access to his world, providing an intimate glimpse into the life he’s worked so hard to keep private.

No Limit


Two gamblers found a king-size bug in a video poker machine—and went on a hell of a winning streak. It was the worst thing that could have happened to them. “The Game King lit up with its seventh jackpot in an hour and a half. Now [surveillance] knew there was something wrong…”

Home Sweet Home

How Swede It Is


Architect Bengt Mattias Carlsson created a guesthouse to blend with a historic primary residence and the wooded land it sits on. To accomplish that, he combined modern sensibilities with centuries-old techniques.

Harvesting Style

Midwest Living

Embrace autumn inside your home with a spicy mix of burnt orange leaves, white pumpkins, rich dahlias, and dried florals arranged in unexpected, elegant ways.

Celebrate Fall

Living the Country Life

These five easy tips will help you make the most of your yard and garden. Tip #3: Stage your yard. Use the tricks that magazines use to make a yard look photo ready.

Layering on Romance

Traditional Home

A mother, daughter, and a decorator cast a relaxed Riviera spell on a respectfully restored California villa. The result? A charmed aura—and the feeling that the house has been this way forever.

Guys, Get Styled for Fall

Special Section: The Details Guide to Tailoring


Fall will always feel like the right time to revamp your work wardrobe. Chalk it up to lingering nostalgia for back-to-school shopping. Here, the suiting trends and tips you need to know—and of-the-moment accessories to complete your look.

How to Look Great @ Any Age


Celebrate GQ’s lifelong commitment to never not looking awesome (with or without your shirt on). Hosted by the towering Blake Griffin and four other modern gentlemen: Chadwick Boseman, Norman Reedus, Clive Owen, and Tom Selleck.

Resort Gear of the Year

Outside Magazine

To stand out in today’s market requires ingenuity. Here, the best new alpine skis, jackets, snowboards, and more for your winter resort trip.

Watches: Glashütte ≮ Geneva

Bloomberg Markets

When it comes to fine timepieces, the Germans aren’t coming; they’ve arrived. How can you spot a German watch? Asymmetrical dials, outsize date display, and a power-reserve reading.

Reader Picks | Stacey Kelley

Lady In Red: Katy Perry

Harper's BAZAAR

First things first, I LOVE Katy Perry. In this photo shoot, she goes totally femme fatale. But in the interview, fans get a glimpse of the typical modern woman, approaching her 30s and learning not to take any bullshit. Katy’s biggest lesson: Self-love comes first before you can truly love someone else.

Classy and Clever Cases


I’m a tech geek at heart, and I especially love Apple. I enjoy flipping through this magazine every month to stay on top of the ever-changing news. I also think fashion and technology go hand in hand, so I really loved this article on stylish iPhone cases that reflect your personality (and serve multiple purposes).

76 Best Organizing Tips of All Time

Real Simple

I’m obsessed with keeping my apartment organized and clean, with pretty yet modern design choices. I immediately flipped to Real Simple’s cover story for more ideas I could use. Guess I’ll be taking a trip to The Container Store this weekend.

All Systems Go


If I see Richard Branson on the cover, I’m definitely going to read it. As an entrepreneur with bold dreams, he is, in a word, my idol. This article reveals his plans for taking consumers to space. I can’t believe I just might have the opportunity to do this in my lifetime!

Weird Science (And Tech)

Living in a New Material World


Fungus buildings, algorithmic chairs, germ-fighting iPhone cases. Software giant Autodesk and others are ushering in a revolution in materials science you may not even see coming.

The Devils and the Deep Blue Sky

Popular Science

Forty years after Evil Knievel’s attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon, a handful of stuntmen are racing to re-create the daredevil’s feat—and to succeed where the legend failed.

Street Cred

Popular Photography

Digital photography, iPhones, and Instagram have drawn new converts to street photography and made it easier, too. These masters of the craft explain how to make it good.

Alibaba's Dynamic Duo


In an issue dedicated to the most powerful women in business, this story is about the giant Chinese e-retailer’s reputation for fostering talented women, like Lucy Peng and Maggie Wu.

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