Guest Curator: John Patrick Pullen

Covering travel and technology, John Patrick Pullen specializes in the off-kilter and the unexpected, writing about everything from the world’s largest lava lamp (in the middle of nowhere, Washington State) to the secret spy culture of Washington D.C.

Most recently, the Portland, Oregon-based journalist has focused on business and startups, writing the August 2013 Entrepreneur cover story on Chris Hardwick, head of Nerdist Industries and now host of Comedy Central’s @midnight.

A frequent contributor to Entrepreneur and Fortune, his work has also appeared in Men’s Journal, Money, TIME, and WIRED. With all those magazines in his portfolio, Next Issue is his key to keeping current. Next to his laptop and cellphone, it’s one of the most important tools he’s got.

Take a look at John Patrick’s tech-centered favorites, from the latest in wearables, to companies mastering the future of tech, to one of his own recent computer monitor reviews.

Twitter: @jppullen


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Your Own Personal World of Tech

That Computer Looks Good On You

Consumer Reports

I try out my fair share of wearables, but haven’t gotten my hands (or eyes) on Google Glass yet. I love that Next Issue has Consumer Reports, because they feature tough but fair writers. This story helped me understand Glass’s strengths and limitations.

The Refueling Principle


As I write this, I have three computer screens staring me in the face, one in my pocket, and a gizmo for notifications on my wrist. So, yeah, this feature about rebooting our minds before we short circuit really hits home for me.

The Popular Mechanics Guide to Amazing Home Technology

Popular Mechanics

Every month, there’s at least one story so good I wish I had written it, and this is October’s. Smart bulbs? Eco-savvy dishwashers? Temperature-controlled bed sheets? As a new homeowner and tech writer, I’m all over these.

Tech: Ear Candy


The happy marriage of art and editorial—that’s what makes magazines beautiful. You don’t see that with online articles. Every month, I look up the magazine stories I wrote on Next Issue; there’s no shame in that. I wrote this eye-popping computer monitor review. My compliments to Ben Alsop, the photographer (and in this case the Fred to my Wilma).

Brands & Tech: The Perfect Pair

Nest Hatches A Connected-Home Boom

Fast Company

I profiled Nest in the June 2014 issue of Entrepreneur, so I was especially interested in Austin Carr’s take for Fast Company. While I focused on co-founder Matt Rogers, this story covers his partner Tony Fadell. The pair are a dynamic duo shaping the smart home.

Transportation: Uber Banks on World Domination


This tech-backed taxi company may not be in your town (yet), but it’s already changing the world of transportation. I love how Adam Lashinsky covers both the financial and personal impacts of the service in its battle to go worldwide.

Mary Barra’s Bumpy Ride


Tech is everywhere, especially in General Motors cars, which is why I’m looking forward to Rana Foroohar’s profile of the company’s CEO. Tech is also in TIME’s Next Issue offering—they load awesome audio recordings of major stories into the app. I’m going to listen to this piece while taking a Sunday drive.

Design Wrong


When the slickest designed publication on the newsstand (or the tablet) has a design issue, it’s a must-read. Editor-in-chief Scott Dadich unfurls his genius in this piece which explains how Wired purposely gets its layouts wrong to make them oh-so right.