Noah Galloway, Ultimate Men's Health Guy

One look at the “Ultimate Men’s Health Guy” of the year, and it’s clear Noah Galloway hasn’t led an average life.

After his platoon was surprised by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2005, Noah’s dark period began. Waking up in the hospital two limbs down, the former competitive athlete turned to drinking and smoking every day. In his words, he was failing to be the father his children needed.

Noah has since adopted a new outlook on life, along with a fitness plan that works for him.

In fact, that’s the story behind every “Ultimate Men’s Health Guy” finalist (out of nearly 1,300)—guys who’ve stood up to life’s tough blows, show strength in a million different ways, and still see themselves as total works in progress.

Watch Noah’s interview with Men’s Health below (full story in the November issue), then check out the other two finalists and their equally-amazing life tales.