Next Issue Guest Curator, Alyssa Hertzig

I’ve been a magazine editor for over ten years, so I shudder when people say that print is dead. It’s not! I was a magazine junkie long before I started in the industry—and I definitely still am.

In my day-to-day, I thrive on wearing many hats (though I prefer nail polish shades): Brides beauty director, beauty expert, blogger, and New York City mom.

I love that Next Issue really celebrates magazines and makes it much more convenient to read them, especially when I’m traveling. Instead of using precious carry-on space to lug a stack of issues, I just download a few onto my iPad before I go. Nothing’s better than reading a pile of magazines on the plane—without the pile.

One of my favorite topics to read about in Next Issue is entertainment—movies, TV, red carpet fashion, the works! My picks explore a new side to some of the most interesting people in the public eye, from Drew Barrymore and Lauren Conrad to John Oliver and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

After reading them, head over to my blog, The Sparkly Life for a glimpse into my life as a beauty editor, and Brides for the best wedding-day beauty tips.

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Stars In The News Now

Go, Gone Girl


I’m a big fan of the Gone Girl book and the movie, so this interview, where author Gillian Flynn interviews the movie’s star Rosamund Pike, felt like a real treat. Fun, funny, and illuminating.

Derek Jeter Opens the Door

New York Magazine

As a New Yorker, I’m (obviously) a huge Jeter fan, so I loved this behind-the-scenes glimpse into the baseball star’s life. The black-and-white photos that accompany the piece are particularly fantastic.

John Oliver Is Mad as Hell

Rolling Stone

I always laugh so hard that I cry during “Last Week Tonight,” so I really enjoyed this fascinating look into the inner workings of the show—and the man himself.

Rebooting YouTube

Fast Company

I enjoyed this in-depth profile of Susan Wojcicki for many reasons, but I especially liked the spotlight on some of the site’s biggest content producers. These YouTube phenoms are changing the game and giving a new spin to the term “star.”

Celebrity Favorites (Food, Fashion, Fun)

Ask Drew


One of my favorite things about being the beauty director at Brides? We have possibly the world’s coolest beauty advice columnist—it’s Drew Barrymore! This month she gives her tips for at-home workouts, edgy nail polish shades, and more. (And, yes, she really writes it!)

Lauren's New Reality


The only problem with this tour of Lauren Conrad’s gorgeous Beverly Hills penthouse is that it made me severely jealous! I’m particularly green with envy over her (huge, amazing) closet.

7 Questions For Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein


Such a funny chat with the stars of Portlandia about food trends, entertaining, and “the tapas ghetto.” Can’t wait to get my hands on the Portlandia cookbook at the end of this month!

Super Stars


I grew up in the era of supermodels, and I’ve been a fan of those one-name wonders ever since. This story gives real-world advice straight from the catwalk. Cindy Crawford shares secrets for eating healthy, Stephanie Seymour tells you how to be sexy, Linda Evangelista gives makeup tips—so fun and helpful!