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Go ahead, try something new. Search for the perfect job. Plan a trip. Sign up for a 5K. Get naked? We’ve got all the best ideas right here.

Don’t miss star-studded picks from Brides Magazine beauty editor and The Sparkly Life writer, Alyssa Hertzig.

Then, continue with stories that inspire, from the Iraq vet voted “Ultimate Men’s Health Guy,” to the best in product design, to breakout stars in entrepreneurship. You’ve got a fun and productive weekend ahead.

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Next Issue Picks

Both Huntress and Prey

Vanity Fair

Her most intimate photos hacked and in the headlines, Jennifer Lawrence’s meteoric rise has its dark side. With the third Hunger Games hitting theaters, the 24-year-old star speaks out about how she’s handling the shocking invasion of her privacy.

The Paperless Classroom Is Coming


The national shift to computers in the classroom is happening fast, with paper, textbooks, and pencils replaced by tablets, headphones, and keyboards. The trend will upend the way American children are taught, so how will we overcome the glitches?

The Man Who Made a Million Trades

Bloomberg Markets

Inside the weird world of Japanese day trading, a former pinball savant and video game fanatic has become a legend. No one has watched him work, and his strategies are the subject of much speculation among his peers.

Ready or Not

O, The Oprah Magazine

You know it’s coming; your parents aren’t immortal. But when the storm hits, few of us are remotely prepared. This special guide will help you face the future head-on, so you can give the best possible care to those who once took care of you.

Alyssa Hertzig's Star-Studded Picks

Ask Drew


One of my favorite things about being the beauty director at Brides magazine is our beauty advice columnist—Drew Barrymore! This month she gives her tips for at-home workouts, edgy nail polish shades, and more. (And, yes, she really writes it!)

Lauren's New Reality


The only problem with this tour of Lauren Conrad’s gorgeous Beverly Hills penthouse is that it made me severely jealous! I’m particularly green with envy over her (huge, amazing) closet.

Super Stars


I grew up in the era of supermodels, and I’ve been a fan of those one-name wonders ever since. I loved this story with real-world advice straight from catwalkers Cindy Crawford, Stephanie Seymour, and Linda Evangelista. It’s fun and actually really helpful!

Go, Gone Girl


I’m a big fan of both the Gone Girl book and the movie, so this interview, where author Gillian Flynn chats with the movie’s star Rosamund Pike, felt like a real treat. Fun, funny, and illuminating.

Celebrating Special Issues

Twelve Exactly Right Objects


Here, products with designs that remain fresh even decades after their birth, through a magical blend of beauty and ingenuity.

Breakout Stars


A roundup of the fastest-growing young franchises. Who’s behind them and what’s the secret to their rapid-fire success?

The Influencers: David Lynch's Twin Peaks


Another strange thing about Lynch’s warped murder mystery? Its grungy aesthetic is back. Here, why the mystical early 1990s logging town was so far ahead of its time.

Ask the Experts

New York Magazine

Design insiders tell all: How to choose fresh flowers (and keep them alive), simple tips for throwing a successful dinner party, easy ways to keep your home clean, and more.

Guys' Guide to Healthy Living

This Is Paleo

Men's Fitness

Being a carnivore hasn’t been this popular since the days when Neanderthals binged on woolly mammoth. But, as author, TV host, and eat-what-you-kill hunter Steven Rinella reveals, if you really want to party like it’s 10,000 B.C., don’t stop with the caveman’s diet—try his fitness lifestyle, too.

Yellow Streak

Outside Magazine

It may be the oldest emotion. Before happiness, before sorrow, before exhilaration, and way, way before the urge to climb mountains and bomb down steeps, there was fear. Now scientists are finding new ways to help us conquer our deepest anxieties—and use them to perform even better.

The Reader Issue!

Men's Health

1,246 men entered the cover-guy contest and provided life-changing wisdom. To be the 2014 Ultimate Men’s Health Guy, Noah Galloway had to be someone who knows he’s a work in progress, someone who pursues health and fitness as if his life depends on it.



For something that seems so simple, cycling can be maddeningly complex. It doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to get your head around dropped chains, gear ratios, the right way to blow a snot rocket—and 18 other puzzles that will never confound you again.

Do Something New

How to Ace the New Job Interview


Forget the traditional audition with a rep from HR. Nowadays companies are employing decidedly offbeat hiring techniques. To land the spot you want, be prepared for whatever screening tests come your way.

Best of the World: Where to Go Now

National Geographic Traveler

Go see the new look for Connecticut’s glass house, the river that runs through a Fijian paradise, where the young and hungry go in Paris, and where the livin’ is easy in China.

Run for Your Life

Canadian Health & Lifestyle

Too intimidated to sign up for a run? Join the club. But as Carli Whitwell recently discovered, with a little planning anyone can make it happen. Ready to step up? Then read on.

How to Get Naked In Front of Anyone


You’d think with so much oversharing, taking it off wouldn’t be such a big deal. Jessica Matlin explores what’s behind our naked anxiety.

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