Next Issue Guest Curator, Jamie GallPrepare to be amazed by stories of science and technology like you’ve never seen them before. From the man taking a willing group to Mars (forever), to biometrics in the NBA, to the woman ending her painful battle with cancer on her own terms.

Then, embrace the fall season. Minnesota girl Jamie Gall brings us her favorite fall foods, styles, and global getaways.

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Next Issue Picks

Bas Lansdorp Has a Posse

Popular Science

A Dutch entrepreneur has inspired thousands of people to apply for a one-way trip to Mars (and star in a reality TV show along the way). Is he a good dude, or a dangerous megalomaniac?

Young, Gifted & Homeless

Sports Illustrated

More than 100,000 students on U.S. youth, public school, and college teams have no stable place to live. They often go hungry, drop out more frequently, and are more likely to suffer physical and sexual abuse. How do they survive—and even thrive?

Kidnapped in Syria

Men's Journal

Last May, veteran war reporter Anthony Loyd was grabbed by armed thugs in Syria. Blindfolded, beaten, and shot twice, he only narrowly escaped. Here, he recounts his time in the most dangerous place in the world.

Cancer Patient Brittany Maynard: Ending My Life—My Way


On Nov. 1, this terminally ill woman plans to take a fatal dose of barbiturates in the presence of her husband, mom, stepfather, and best friend. A look inside her fight to stop suffering and her emotional last days.

The New Face of Tech

Breakthrough: The Comeback

Popular Mechanics

The Breakthrough Awards honor the innovators most responsible for changing our world. See how crippling pain derailed Molly McCarthy’s body, life, and future until a device implanted in her spine restored it all.

How I Found My Family Online

PC Magazine

From family tree websites to Facebook to DNA testing, exploring every branch of your family tree is quicker and easier than ever before.

Get Ready for Drone Nation


In demand by Fortune 500 companies and heavily funded by Silicon Valley, unmanned aircrafts are rapidly invading the world of business. Includes a history of drones, which—surprise—starts in 1898.

Invasion of the Body Testers

ESPN The Magazine

Some say NBA players, like Formula One cars, are luxury machines that perform best if vigilantly monitored and maintained with advanced biometric testing. But what do the players think?

North America, A Taste Tour

Catskills Collective

Condé Nast Traveler

Just a few hours from New York City, a group of small-town restaurateurs with big ideas are creating a new culinary weekend getaway. Dig in.

Entertain the Easy Way, Coast to Coast


Make the most of the season by hosting a fabulous festive cocktail party. Chatelaine brings us six simple recipes that celebrate all the diverse flavors of Canada…bite by delicious bite.

The 20 Best Dishes in Texas

Food & Wine

A chef, a barbecue expert, and a hotelier choose their favorite dishes from Austin to Marfa. Their picks—an entire pig’s head, a giant beef rib, porterhouse steak for two—prove that everything’s bigger (and meatier) in Texas.

Land of Plenty

Coastal Living

You can’t throw a stone in Central California without hitting something fresh, local, and organic. Between Santa Cruz and Big Sur, a new wave of restaurateurs is making farm to table more flavorful than ever before.

Jamie Gall's Seasonal Selections

96 Tips for Total Thanksgiving Success

Every Day with Rachael Ray

We’re a few weeks out from Thanksgiving now, and let me tell you, this article has everything! I had a blast looking through the fun illustrations, drool-worthy photos, and creative tips for making the perfect meal.

Find Your Perfect Winter Coat

All You

I’m a Minnesota Girl, born and raised, and I can’t stress enough that in the dead of those cold winters, it’s SO important to have a winter coat that’s both warm and chic. I like to keep up with the latest styles, and always keep my eye out for a future “go back home to visit” coat.

The Glories of Garlic


This past summer I went to my first Garlic Festival, and I’ve been intrigued by the powerful ingredient ever since. This read gave my plenty of ideas for delicious (with a kick) recipes for the cooler nights coming up.

The Traveler 50

National Geographic Traveler

I’m drawn to stories that put the focus on cities in a fun, educational way. Since I’m kind of a tech geek, this story about the world’s smartest cities was calling my name.

For the Love of Lists

2015 Resort Guide


Make it your best season ever with this guide to the Top 50 resorts in North America. From the toughest terrain to the juiciest steaks, no detail went uninvestigated.

Women Who Dare

Harper's BAZAAR

What makes a daring woman? Vision, commitment, style—and a total lack of fear. Bazaar celebrates the trailblazers pushing the world forward.

The Forbes 400


Thanks to a booming stock market and the irrepressible energies of a new generation of entrepreneurs, the class of 2014 has an average net worth of $5.7 billion—and 113 U.S. billionaires are too poor to make the cut.

Supermarket Stars 2014

Women's Health

Packaged foods get a bad rap, and some deserve it. But these picks don’t taste like they’ve come out of a can, bag, or box. They are full of nutrients and may even help you lose weight. Plus, they’ll motor you through your day.

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