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This week, the world was touched by Anna Wintour’s glowing tribute to her cherished friend Oscar de la Renta, who passed away at the age of 82.

The famous friendship got us thinking about the ever-present love story between runway fashion and editorial. How do designers’ runway masterpieces make their way into the pages of ELLE, Harper’s BAZAAR, Vogue and the likes?

Here, the 7 steps of the fashion editorial process, complete with insights from Vogue and Oscar de la Renta. 

From the runway to the pages of VogueFrom the runway to the pages: Images via TrendsEve and Vogue

Step 1: Fashion designers create collections two seasons ahead of time, debuting them at Spring and Fall Fashion Weeks around the world.

Oscar de la Renta talks inspiration on New York Magazine’s “The Cut”

Step 2: Fashion editors analyze each designer’s collection, identifying the top trends and planning stories at least three months in advance. Check out Vogue’s exclusive look behind the scenes as they pitch and plan a shoot (and face Anna Wintour’s harsh criticisms).

Step 3: Editors are in charge of every detail that goes into a shoot, from the pieces selected, to the models that will wear them, to the set design and lighting.

Step 4: The day of the shoot, there can be as many as 30+ people on set to make sure everything goes as planned. With editors, producers, models, hair & makeup artists, tailors, lighting specialists, and more, one day of shooting involves many cooks in the kitchen. (The second part of Vogue’s documentary is all about the big day).

Step 5: All the images from the shoot are reviewed by the editor-in-chief and storyboarded for production. (Watch Anna Wintour’s review of the final photos).

Step 6: Feature editors craft and refine the wording of the piece before it goes into final production.

Step 7: We all get to enjoy beautiful fashion features in the Next Issue app!

Vogue September 2014

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