“Darkness falls across the land. The midnight hour is close at hand. Creatures crawl in search of blood, to terrorize your neighborhood.”

Change those creatures into costume-clad kids ravenous for candy, and Michael Jackson had it right.

There’s still a week before the year’s spookiest night, and for fans of the last-minute plan, that’s still plenty of time for cute costumes, creative crafts, and maybe even a Halloween get-together.

halloween kids, FamilyFun magazine
FamilyFun, October 2014

Next Issue makes it easy. Got a little one who wants to instill fright on Halloween night? Here’s your tutorial on killer zombie face paint (it’s totally do-able at home). Stay tuned for more adult-friendly frights next week!

Zombie Face Paint (as seen in All You, October 2014 – “Create the Ultimate Halloween Mask”)

Halloween face paint, All You magazine What You’ll Need

  • spray bottle with water
  • water-activated makeup in gray, red, white, black and maroon
  • makeup sponges
  • round brush
  • eyeliner brush
  • fan makeup brush


1. Before using each color of makeup, spritz it with water. using a sponge and gray makeup, cover entire face except for area around eyes. Using a sponge and red makeup, fill in area around eyes.

2. Using a round brush, highlight lips, eyebrows, bridge of nose and sides of eyes in white. Using a round brush and maroon makeup, paint a line under each cheekbone to add depth and “wrinkles” at outer edges of eyes, and contour jawline with a  stroke on each side.

3. Using an eyeliner brush and black makeup, paint a border around eye area, covering outer half of eyebrow. Repeat for each eye. To make nose, use an eyeliner brush and black makeup to draw a U-shaped line, then fill in.

4. Using an eyeliner brush and maroon makeup, paint vertical wrinkles coming up from lip line. Paint wrinkles under eyes, on forehead, and on chin. To make skin look dry, use a fan makeup brush (or toothbrush) and brown makeup and apply to upper lip in an upward, sweeping motion. Repeat this technique on the cheeks and eyes to create a light crosshatch. Using black makeup and an eyeliner brush, make short, light, sweeping strokes on lips and add a short line in middle of chin to create a cleft. Using white makeup and an eyeliner brush, gently sweep across the lips. 5. Tease the hair up, using a fine-tooth comb and plenty of hairspray, and you have your zombie!

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