Next Issue Guest Curator Pema Donyo

I’m Pema, a coffee-fueled college student by day and a creative writer by night. My debut novel, The Innocent Assassins, is a Young Adult romantic thriller, while my second novel, One Last Letter, is a western historical romance. My life comes down to mastering a delicate balance of homework, publisher deadlines, and, well, the college experience.

Next Issue makes it that much easier to find articles that inspire my writing or ignite my interests. I hope you enjoy my picks on the themes of “Women Being Bold” and “A Writer’s Life”—two important aspects of my daily life.

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Women Being Bold

Hot & Hilarious: Sorry, I'm Not Sorry


It was a breath of fresh air to hear actress Kate Walsh weighing in for more roles for women who happen to be super courageous, successful, and flawed!

Jane Goodall’s Jungles


Jane Goodall has always been fearless in her convictions and publications. It’s so inspiring to read about her determined persistence in the early days of her research.

Women Angel Investors for Women-Led Startups

Bloomberg Businessweek

Women are traditionally underrepresented in the investor community, but recently, female angel investor networks are on the rise. I’m excited to see what’s possible when more women start putting their money in play.

Tavi Takes Over the World


Tavi Gevinson has reached enormous success for her age, and she serves as a constant inspiration to pursue one’s dreams fearlessly. I love what she says about setting one’s own precedent for success.

A Writer's Life

The Refueling Principle


Writer’s burnout is all too real. With tasks that revolve so much around creativity, it’s important to take a break and make time to recharge. My favorite tip? Get more sleep!

How to Handle Rejection (Without Dying Inside)


Authors definitely have to remember not to let a bad review or agent’s denial define us or our ability. Zosia Mamet offers advice for getting over any kind of rejection.

In a Bookstore in Paris

Vanity Fair

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of independent bookstores, and Shakespeare & Company in Paris is definitely on my bucket list of destinations to visit.

Nothing You Think Matters Today Will Matter the Same Way Tomorrow

New York Magazine

Words can be read again and again, but their meanings change over time. This article explores another side of writing—journalism—and how the medium echoes the past.