It’s Halloween night and you’re at a loss for plans?

Don’t worry…we’re plenty prepared with last-minute costumes, scares, treats, and tricks for a fun and fright-filled evening, whether you’re going out or staying in to dole out candy.

Here, our top Halloween ideas just for you. And ICYMI, check out our infographic of the things that get us really spooked.

1. Put together a quick & easy costume. Didn’t have time to grab a costume this week? Cosmopolitan shows us 20 easy-to-make costumes that are also hilariously punny. Our favorite: Ginger Bread Man (although this kid doesn’t look too happy about it).

For more costume inspiration, see photos of Next Issue’s magazine-themed costume party.


2. Try the “Franken Frappucino.” Get your sweet treats kick early in the day—make sure to head to Starbucks after 2pm to get this monstrous drink for $3. People has the full scoop.


3. Watch one of the 52 scariest movies of all time. According to GQ, these horror flicks will have you screaming like a little girl. We polled our Facebook fans this week. Your top favorite scary movie: The Exorcist.  


4. Make some treats that are (at least) 1,000 times better than candy corn. Staying in for the night? Cozy up with spirited cocktails or delicious treats from Us Weekly.


5. Read six new Harry Potter stories online. JK Rowling always has a trick up her sleeve. Her Halloween gift to fans? The backstory on the wicked Dolores Umbridge (via Rolling Stone).