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Next Issue Picks

Surreal Estate


Following his calling to be a designer, Vasily Klyukin (who once cofounded a bank), has created a dazzling array of fantastical towers that defy convention and could alter the skylines of the world’s great cities. Now, if only he could bring them to life.

The Ghosts of Afghanistan Will Show Up Everywhere


After five years in an elite Special Operations unit, Will Mackin decided it was time for a quieter life. But the phantoms of his past just kept appearing. It took landing a gig as an extra on the last season of Breaking Bad to show him just how bizarre normal life could be.



Nude pics. Animal torture. Suicide bombings. Beheadings. Inside the soul-crushing world of content moderation, where low-wage laborers soak up the worst of humanity—and keep it off your Facebook feed.

Best Places to Retire


Yes, your post-work home needs a strong community, great amenities, and convenient services. Most importantly, you need a place where your retirement future feels rock solid. Here, the best places to keep costs low, have a well-rounded retirement, and launch an encore career.

Reader Picks | Pema Donyo

Tavi Takes Over the World


Tavi Gevinson has reached enormous success for her age, and she serves as a constant inspiration to pursue one’s dreams fearlessly. I love what she says about setting one’s own precedent for success.

How to Handle Rejection (Without Dying Inside)


Authors definitely have to remember not to let a bad review or agent’s denial define us or our ability. Zosia Mamet offers advice for getting over any kind of rejection.

In a Bookstore in Paris

Vanity Fair

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of independent bookstores, and Shakespeare and Company in Paris is definitely on my bucket list of destinations to visit.

Jane Goodall’s Jungles


Jane Goodall has always been fearless in her convictions and publications. It’s so inspiring to read about her determined persistence in the early days of her research.

A Healthy, Happy You

From "Aargh" to "Ahhh"

Eating Well

Does the holiday madness leave you frazzled? Not only can stress turn you into the Grinch, it can make you gain weight. Here’s how to beat stress…and maybe the bulge as well.

Finish Strong


Fatigue is that moment when your legs are trembling and you can’t possibly power through one more step or rep…or can you? Turns out muscle exhaustion may have more to do with your brain than your body.

The Woo Woo Dolls


Los Angeles, capital of crystal-wielding gurus and alternative lifestyles, has never been more swept up in ideas of mind-body beauty. Here, the creams, mists, dusts, and tinctures to make you look and feel younger.

Counting Sleep


Scientists have now done the shocking math: Being short on shut-eye is sharply raising our risk of memory loss and Alzheimer’s. But breathe easy. There’s a solution that will have you sleeping fine.

Business As Usual

Are We on to Something?

Entrepreneur Magazine

Take your idea from “aha” to actuality. Five ways to evaluate whether your idea could become an actual business.

Oreo Tags Pop Culture

Fast Company

The iconic cookie decided it has something to say. And it’s saying it all over Twitter and YouTube. Does that translate to sales?

Cashing Out

PC Magazine

What do Apple Pay and other electronic payment systems mean for physical money? We’re about to find out.

Reviving Keynes

Bloomberg Businessweek

Why John Maynard Keynes is just the economist we need to get the world’s economy humming again. True, he’s been dead since 1946, but his ideas are more relevant than ever.

Love & Marriage

Icy Hot


Warning: These new engagement rings may cause envy. Wear with caution. The trends: pavé, sideways settings, botanical details, and color.

Whys Guy: Marriage Lessons, Learned in the Kitchen


Redbook “Whys Guy” Aaron Traister discusses what the hot stove and the teetering pile of dishes can teach us about happily ever after.

The Beautiful Ones

New York Magazine

Voluminous tulle, backless ball gowns, and floral appliqués make for the season’s most sensational gowns (and capes).

Relationship Advice: Mo' Money? Avoid Problems


40% of American households with children now have a woman bringing home the higher paycheck. See how to juggle finance and romance without losing your sanity and cents.

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