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Thanksgiving is the season of sharing, reuniting with friends and family, and celebrating all that we’re grateful for. One thing we don’t usually talk about…how incredibly overwhelming Thanksgiving can be.

We’re here to help. Next Issue is overflowing with Thanksgiving recipes—from salads and sides to drinks and desserts to the turkey itself. After this quick 3-question quiz, you’ll be armed with a recipe to satisfy friends & family this holiday season, regardless of your kitchen expertise.


1.    If I took a look inside your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, what might I find?

Apples in Dr. Oz the Good Life

A. Fresh fruits & veggies from this weekend’s farmer’s market, fresh herbs already chopped in preparation for my next recipe, artisan meats and cheeses, and healthy snacks.

B. Lots of flour, powdered sugar, cookie cutters, cupcake liners, and sprinkles.

C. A nice mix of fresh ingredients and ready-to-eat sides to make my home-cooked meals relatively quick, easy, and healthy.

D. Pizza Rolls, Ramen, Hot Pockets. My microwave and I have a very close bond.


2. When family or friends come over for a meal, what kind of food can they expect? 

Thanksgiving cooking in Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine

A. Antipasti platters to start, followed by a full 3+ course meal, dessert, wine, the works!

B. I’m known for my cookies, cakes, and pies.

C. We usually serve it up potluck style. I’ll make a main course, and each of my friends will bring something to share.

D. We’re either binge-eating chips and ice cream or ordering Chinese food.


3. How comfortable are you navigating your way through a difficult recipe?

Thanksgiving Recipe - Better Homes and Gardens

A. Bring it on, Top Chef style. Rare ingredients, complicated techniques—anything you throw my way, I can make it work (and make it delicious).

B. I’ve made my fair share of pie crusts from scratch. Even a homemade soufflé or two. I’m pretty confident I can work through anything.

C. Hey, I know the meaning of “julienne,” but I wouldn’t say I can execute to 100% perfection.

D. I’ve ruined Easy Mac before…


Thanksgiving recipes from Next Issue magazines

Look out for more coming up on how to save your Thanksgiving recipes and share them with family, and how Next Issue uses the app to plan our annual Thanksgiving feast. 

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