Guest Curator Bonnie MccarthyThis week brings lots to catch up on.

1) Midterm elections went down, and TIME has the data, the shockers, and the not-so-surprising facts.

2) The directors and stars of the hottest new films (McConaughey, Jolie, Rita Ora, and even Jon Stewart) give an inside scoop.

3) The worlds of art and architecture collided in this week’s magazines, and here we’ve collected the most stunning examples.

4) It’s November already, and Bonnie McCarthy of This American Home has all the best advice to kick off your holiday plans.

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks

My Nude Photos Were Stolen, and I'm Fighting Back


Actress Gabrielle Union was celebrating her wedding when she got the news that would change her life. Alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and many others, her private, naked photos had been stolen and posted on the internet.

Sorrow on the Mountain

National Geographic

How the shocking avalanche that killed 16 expedition workers unfolded on Mount Everest—changing life on the mountain forever.

All-Day Energy: It's Possible

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year—and the most tiring, according to a poll of Dr. Oz The Good Life readers. But starting now, these tips will keep you fueled without sugar, constant coffee, or that 4 p.m. crash.

Midterm Elections: Mitch's Majority


There was a lot of talk about a crisis in the Republican Party after it failed to dislodge Barack Obama in 2012. But on Nov. 4, an electorate that believes the country is on the wrong track rebuked the notion of Democratic inevitability. What kind of mandate does that create?

Reader Picks | Bonnie McCarthy's Guide to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, Any Way You Wish

Country Living

Three feasts, three ways. In addition to menus and recipes, I loved the ideas for new holiday traditions (create a wine capsule!), elegant toasts, and mixing up cocktails. In a word: Inspiring. Don’t miss the darling pie-shaped to-go boxes on page six.

25 Unexpected Things to Be Grateful for Right Now

O, The Oprah Magazine

Ready to get your grateful on? Oprah’s got it covered. A couple of my personal faves: “It may be possible to lose weight while you sleep” and “Bushy eyebrows are in.”

The Ultimate Guest Room

Real Simple

If guests are coming over the river and through the woods this Thanksgiving, this checklist may come in handy. Think motion sensor night-lights and Wi-Fi passwords on laminated note cards. In the same issue, don’t miss DIY money saving solutions for fabulous floral centerpieces.

Etiquette: Giving & Thanking

Bon Appétit

Ben Schott’s turkey day game plan covers everything from timing to dress code, etiquette, seating plans, playlists, and kitchen-cabinet policies. Advice includes, “No scented candles!” and “Keep jokes short and stories shorter. Listen and laugh.” Tweet worthy.

Cover Stars

In Conversation with Jon Stewart

New York Magazine

What do you do after 16 years turning The Daily Show into an American comic institution? If you’re this comedian, you might spend a summer making a movie about torture.

Team Rita

Teen Vogue

Insta-famous, super authentic, and on the verge of her major U.S. music debut, British “it girl” Rita Ora has officially arrived.

Woman of the Year

Vanity Fair

Director, humanitarian, Oscar-winning actress, newlywed, mother of six, and now honorary Dame—how does Angelina Jolie do it? A chronicle covers her life from the set of next month’s Unbroken to a refugee camp to couch-potato time.

10 Moments That Changed My Life by Matthew McConaughey


The Interstellar star on lucky breaks, past mistakes, and what he’s learned from marriage and fatherhood.

Art & Architecture Unite

Great Heights

Architectural Digest

In an issue focused on sharing the inspiring homes of top collectors, this story shows off an airy Chicago duplex that’s been splendidly updated with a trove of creations by artists from Picasso to Koons.

Artful Finnish

W Magazine

On a remote island in Finland, mega-collectors Anita and Poju Zabludowicz have established a breathtaking creative oasis. Take a look inside this family retreat-turned-art colony and sculpture park.

Art as Life


In the remote San Juan Islands, an artist and an architect collaborate on a minimalist hideaway dedicated to creative pursuits.

Peak Performance


In the hands of a Texas decorator, a centuries-old chalet in the Swiss Alps becomes the ultimate holiday retreat for her family—and a showcase for her eclectic collection of global finds.

Get Active & Get Outdoors

Walk This Way


An inn-to-inn trek along the California coast proves you don’t need to rough it to enjoy a great autumn day hike. Plus, more hikes with rewards, from Scottsdale to Puget Sound.

Chasing the Chubasco


After a wave-starved summer, Hurricane Marie sent a barrage of swell toward Southern California, creating some of the biggest and best waves the coast has ever seen.

My Whistler


How can a place so sprawling and immense also be so intensely spiritual? Call it the Whistler dichotomy. Or, like one writer, call it home and you’ll understand.

Know How: California Dreaming


In the Southern California city of Santa Barbara, narrow roads twist into the coastal mountains and promise sea-to-sky climbs with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

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