With Thanksgiving coming up, we’ve rounded up plenty of stories on the things we’re grateful for—family, food, and all the amazing technology, health innovations, music, and more from 2014.

Geek out as the astrophysicist behind Interstellar talks wormholes and quantum gravity, scientists seek to save chocolate, and researchers discover a new mystery behind sand dunes…when a young boy disappears inside one.

Finally, prepare to get glamorous. With clothing, hair, and makeup tips from celebrities and beauty experts, you’re sure to make an entrance at all the holiday parties this season.

Happy Reading!

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How to Cheat


In elite sports, the tiniest edge is often the difference between winning and losing. Athletes will do whatever they can to game the system. Here’s an amusing guide to gaining whatever advantage you can, from corking a bat to trying to beat a urine test.

Into the Woods

Bon Appétit

What happens when impossibly good-looking Scandinavians trek two miles into the Norwegian wilderness, pitch a teepee, and get down to cooking holiday dinner? The best beer-braised pork belly, for one thing. Part story, part travel guide, and part menu planner.



Jamie Nicoll turned pro two years after he was given a 10-percent chance of survival. Here, the compelling story of his journey from a hospital bed to the top podium step of one of the world’s toughest enduro races.

Personal Branding for the Image Impaired


Have you been lax about burnishing your brand? Or even creating one? Truth is, you can’t move ahead without a strong image and a consistent message. Here’s how to develop yours, without hiring a PR team.

Holiday Party Prep

8 Party Tricks Every Woman Should Know


Want to make an entrance? You’re going to need more than a bottle of bubbly. From repurposing your statement necklace as a hair accessory to tingeing your eyelashes with 24 karat gold, these beauty moves come highly decorated.

Big Night


For this season’s celebrations, Allure gives us a sneak peek into the fashionable world of the stars, complete with tips on what to wear, how to add some sparkle to your beauty routine, and how to perfect the “cool-girl” blowout.

Shopping List: Party Essentials


From feathered mini skirts to metallic accents, these elegant, playful items mean one thing: It’s time to go out!

Let's Dance


What does a girl with the world at her feet wear after dark? Kendall Jenner—model of the moment, social media sensation, and the new face of Estée Lauder—plunges into party season.

Blinded by Science

The Physics of Interstellar


A conversation with Interstellar director Christopher Nolan and astrophysicist Kip Thorne, complete with exclusive video and inter-article “wormholes.”

The Mystery of Mount Baldy


When a boy suddenly disappeared into a sand dune, a scientist embarked on quest to find out where he went. Here, the boy’s story and the research findings.

The Quantified Surfer


Would using new technology to track and analyze your every wave make you set new standards for your surf sessions? See how being a GPS watch tester changed the way this writer surfed.

The End of Chocolate

Bloomberg Markets

Can science save the world’s most-endangered treat? Due to disease, drought, and demand, the world’s most delectable food is seriously under siege. Start stockpiling now.

2014: The Year in Lists

27th Annual Best of What's New: Health

Popular Science

Popular Science rounds up their favorites of the year across 12 categories. In Health, check out the feature on the bionics revolution, highlighting 2014’s standout advances in restoring movement.

The Year in Hotness


With the advent of the #belfie, the “Anaconda” video, and the dorsal-friendly model Candice Swanepoel, historians may declare 2014 the year of the butt. There was a lot to cover in lady-news, so GQ broke it up by season.

2014 Gear of the Year

Men's Journal

Over the past year, Men’s Journal experts tested and tortured thousands of new products. There was a lot of great stuff, but only the very best made it onto this list.

The Hot List 2014

Rolling Stone

A roundup of all things hot in 2014. Includes the hot “it girl,” hot political strategy, hot rapper and more. Example: Hot movie that probably won’t completely suck: J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars

Holidays with the Whole Family

Home for the Holidays

Today's Parent

From a dad who thought that December 24 was the perfect day to go Christmas shopping, to a mom who can’t find any Jews to come to her toddler’s Hanukkah party, five writers share their favorite stories of festive hijinks, happiness, and hope.

Gratitude Check

Real Simple

Five-year-olds demand smartphones. Teens expect new cars. And their parents are shocked by the sense of entitlement. Guess what? Your parents probably thought the same thing. Here’s a little perspective, plus expert tips for instilling gratitude at a “gimme” time of year.

You're So Welcome


A holiday open house is the perfect way to reconnect with friends and neighbors—and treat them to a happy feast of food and fun. Includes make-ahead, crowd-pleasing recipes and activities to keep the kids busy.

The Key to Family Harmony


Peace on Earth starts at home. Is everyone singing the same song—or does it sometimes feel like you’re all out of tune? Here, how to get in sync with one another to create a happier, more connected household.

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