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2014 brought its share of ups and downs on the world stage. Through it all, we looked to our favorite magazines to break the news, go in-depth, and present the most beautiful and eye-opening photography.

Explore four top events of the year, along with some of the best stories that led us through them. Thanks to back issue access, you can re-read, remember, and catch up on everything inside the Next Issue app.

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The Winter Olympics XXII brought us #SochiProblems, and plenty of athletic glory

Sochi Olympics Preview

ESPN The Magazine

Before the games, ESPN broke down the techniques of six medal hopefuls representing Team USA.

Letter from Sochi: Patriot Games

The New Yorker

The New Yorker illuminated Vladimir Putin’s past, and the Olympics he celebrated as a marker of national prestige.

Gallery: Ice


We promised stunning photography! Sportsnet presented the best “on ice” photos from the Winter Games.

Olympic Wrapup: Near Future

Sports Illustrated

18-year old Mikaela Shiffrin earned the first U.S. gold in women’s slalom since 1972.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 left us all wondering how an airplane can simply disappear

Faces of Flight 370


As the search for the vanished jet with 239 people aboard continued, family and friends shared stories of their loved ones.

Without A Trace


Maclean’s presents the alarming truth about how easy it is to lose an airliner.

Into Thin Air


In an era of GPS and Google Maps, how does a jet plane disappear?

How We'll Stop Planes from Vanishing

Popular Mechanics

When flight 370 disappeared in March, the world became aware of the limitations in aircraft surveillance.

The world paid tribute to the comedic genius of Robin Williams

Robin Williams, A Life Remembered

Entertainment Weekly

EW looked back on the legacy of a comedy legend.

Robin Williams

HELLO! Canada

HELLO! Canada paid special tribute to the late movie star, comedy legend, and devoted family man.

Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)


People remembered a comic virtuoso who put smiles on all of our faces.

Robin Wiliams

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone chronicled the triumphant life and painful final days of a comedic genius, featuring a heartwarming tribute by Tom Hanks.

The shooting of Michael Brown brought continued unrest to the town of Ferguson, Missouri

Race, Class, And the Future of Ferguson

Bloomberg Businessweek

Decades of political and economic fragmentation only stoked Ferguson’s rage.

The Tragedy of Ferguson


The shooting death of Michael Brown and the violence that followed only made Ferguson’s problems worse.

Race to the Bottom


The riots in Ferguson drew all kinds of outside agitators. They didn’t all get along. But they had common cause.