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The Complete Guide to Fire


Learn how to harness the strength of fire to cook, survive, and connect to a primal force as old as time itself. Includes 43 things you can do with a fire, how to tell a good campfire story, why you should never pee on a fire, and more.

Invisible Lines


A former Hong Kong resident returns to the world’s most vertical city to rediscover the singletrack treasures behind the concrete and skyscrapers. A beautiful juxtaposition of the city life and lush trail ride photography.

Inside the Mind of Bobby Flay

Bon Appétit

Bobby Flay schools us on all the little things, from the power of lemon zest to why a smoking-hot skillet is a cook’s best friend. Seventeen solid rules to cook by.

Scale Model


Punch up your wardrobe with a suit in a bold check or windowpane plaid. It’ll make you look larger than life, though not quite as large as the models in Christopher Griffith’s awesome photographs.

While the World Watched

ESPN The Magazine

At the same time Argentina played host to the 1978 World Cup, the nation’s dictators were waging their “dirty war” of repression, kidnappings, and torture. As the tournament began this year, ghastly memories came flooding back.

The Afterlife


After a great fall, what do we remember about Lance Armstrong? The cheating. The lies. The cult of personality that we eagerly embraced, then felt betrayed by. But what’s to become of the man who fell?



Journalist Jane Bucher had always been intrigued by the art of seduction. Now, as a blogger for a high-end escort agency, she uses her words to attract new clients—and finds that what men want is exactly what you might think.

50 Bacon Appetizers

Food Network Magazine

Whether they’ll admit it or not, everybody loves bacon. Thus was born Food Network Magazine’s ultimate bacon issue, beginning with 50 bacon starters.

This Pope Means Business


The wildly popular Francis is more than a pontiff of the people. He’s an elite manager who’s reforming the Vatican’s troubled finances. In a 26-page feature, we got all the details on the Vatican’s assets and the Pope’s leadership style.

The Strange & Curious Tale of the Last True Hermit


For nearly 30 years, a phantom haunted the woods of central Maine. He lived in secret, creeping into homes and surviving on what he could steal. Spooked locals wondered how he could possibly be real, until one day last year, when the hermit finally came out of the forest.

Gone Girls

Marie Claire

The kidnapping of nearly 300 schoolgirls in northeastern Nigeria brought to light the plight of the people living in the shadows of the Boko Haram terrorist group. Marie Claire traveled to Chibok to see how the mothers of the missing were coping in the midst of crisis.

The Man Who Feels No Pain

Men's Health

Born with a genetic mutation, Steve Pete and his brother Chris lacked the capacity to feel physical pain. Their fights were the stuff of legend. They feared nothing, but that didn’t stop them from suffering. Could these brothers be the key to unlocking a new generation of pain blockers?

Train Your Investing Brain


Humans have the most complex and sophisticated minds in the animal kingdom, but when it comes to money our lizard brains take over. Here, tips for controlling the enemy within to become a successful investor.

Kara Swisher's Source Code

New York Magazine

The tech industry’s most feared journalist is also its most well-liked. New York Magazine investigated how exactly that works.

O’s Guide to the Little Changes That Will Change Your Life

O, The Oprah Magazine

When it comes to physical health, a healthy spirit is the place to start. Oprah’s tips on changes of scenery, get-togethers with friends, and workouts that take you from overwhelmed to empowered.

A Boy and His Drone

Outside Magazine

Camera-equipped flying robots have quickly become a staple of the adventure world, filming first ascents and nailing poachers. But that’s just the beginning. As this writer found out during a cross-country test drive, affordable consumer drones will revolutionize how we experience the outdoors.

How to Build the World's Fastest Car in 12 Torturous Steps

Popular Mechanics

1. Break the sound barrier. 5. Build it like a fighter jet. 6. Get indestructible wheels. 7. Put a rocket on it. 9. Figure out how to get from 1050 to 0 mph. The Bloodhound SSC is part car, part airplane, part spaceship, and it aims to make history.

The AIDS Cure

Popular Science

Can scientists end the epidemic? For decades they’ve struggled just to control HIV, but now they’re testing ways to wipe it out completely. Read about the clinical trials inspired by the first patient officially cured of AIDS in 2009.

The Dookie Chronicles

Rolling Stone

20 years later, Green Day looked back at the album that took pop punk from the gutter straight to MTV.

The Hunt For El Chapo

The New Yorker

After Osama Bin Laden, Joaquín Guzmán was the most wanted fugitive on the planet. Here’s how the most notorious drug lord in the world was finally captured.

My Daughter Has Down Syndrome, and I Wouldn't Change a Thing

Today's Parent

When her newborn was given a terrifying diagnosis, Tara McCallan initially grieved all of the hopes and dreams she had for her daughter. Now, more than a year later, she can’t imagine life any other way. Watch the tear-jerking, inspiring video too.

T+L's Guide to Drinking Around the World

Travel + Leisure

Travel globally, sip locally: Whether in a bar or pub, enoteca or izakaya, sometimes all you need is a refreshing drink and a spirited crowd to get an inside view of a place’s culture. Expert picks for where, how, and what to imbibe now.

Seduced and Abandoned

Vanity Fair

The 14-year marriage of Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng ended abruptly after the News Corp mogul came to believe his third wife had been romantically involved with a former head of state and a prominent Silicon Valley executive. Mark Seal tackled the question being debated: Who blindsided whom?

Hunting the Ghost


She’s a genius at finding people trying to stay lost. But she had never gone after anyone like Ryan Eugene Mullen. Meet Michelle Gomez, one of the best skip tracers in the world.