Guest Curator Chrysa DuranNeed a break from all the holiday planning, gift shopping, and travel coordinating of the season? This weekend is your sweet reprieve.

We’ve got the best stories for parents & kids, new ways to stay active (even in the dead of winter), crystal ball predictions for 2015, plus candy, cake, and cookie recipes hand-picked by Chrysa Duran of Thrifty Jinxy.

Happy Reading!

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Next Issue Picks

Closer Look: The Fortune Crystal Ball


Fortune parsed the data and polled the experts to bring you 27 well-studied predictions of the events, people, and ideas that will matter in 2015. Turns out, there’s a lot to look forward to. Wireless chargers, yay. Mom jeans, really?

Let It Go

The New Yorker

Are we becoming a nation of hoarders? Joan Acocella reports on the rise of a habit once associated with the upper class, now considered a disorder.

The Sex That Changed My Life


Stories of another kind of enlightenment. Eight women share their most thrilling bedroom tales. “She thought hers was the weaker sex, until…”

2014 Person of the Year: The Ebola Fighters


What drove them? Some say God; some say country; some say pure instinct. For tireless courage, buying the world time, risking, sacrificing, and saving, Ebola fighters are TIME’s 2014 Person of the Year.

Get Active

A Boy and His Bonk


When triathlete T.J. Murphy took on a beyond-extreme fitness challenge modeled on the Navy’s hell week, his first question was, “Can I survive this?” His second: “Should I even want to?”

Saved by the Bike


Meet five inspiring cyclists who radically transformed their lives just by pedaling their bikes. Here’s how they made it happen—and how you, too, can harness the power of the bicycle to change your life for the better.

The Social Network


Your new nightclub is the gym. People who sweat to be social love it because they’ve accomplished two things—working out and catching up. Get in on the action here.

The Winter of Our Content

Yoga Journal

The best time to break for yoga? When you feel you have no time at all. Simultaneously relax and reinvigorate with this restorative practice.

For Parents & Little Readers

Picky-Eater Rehab


Frustrated parents are sending their fussy kids to specially designed clinics at children’s hospitals. What strategies do the experts there have to improve your kid’s diet? Get the dish here.

Co-Parenting That Works

Today's Parent

Love, marriage, baby carriage, and the not-so-blissful truth about relationships: Sometimes, they end. But more parents are finding ways to set aside their differences and raise their kids as a team.

Quiz: Stump Your Parents

National Geographic Kids

If your parents can’t answer these questions, maybe they should go to school instead of you. Tap the answers to see who’s right (or wrong).

How to Raise a DIY Kid

Real Simple

All parents want their children to be self-sufficient. But teaching self-sufficiency in a world full of danger, real and imagined, is a challenge. Here’s how to help little ones stand on their own.

In The News

The Chinese Century

Vanity Fair

In 2014, China overtook the U.S. as the world’s largest economy. The natural American reaction would be to “contain” China—and that, says a Nobel-laureate economist, would be a mistake.

Janay Rice

ESPN The Magazine

In ESPN The Magazine’s Interview Issue, Janay Rice finally speaks out about what happened in that elevator on the infamous night of Wednesday, Nov. 5.

Shades of Grey


A new racial crisis has exploded despite big gains under Barack Obama. Here, a look at the victories and setbacks in Obama’s America.

The New Cyberwar

Bloomberg Businessweek

It’s not the cyberwar many predicted, but it’s devastating in its own way. Here, the play-by-play on the Sands hack, and what it represents for digital warfare’s next phase.

Reader Picks | Chrysa Duran

These Cookies Take the Cake

Every Day With Rachael Ray

I always like to have more than one dessert after dinner. These cookies take all the taste of a full size dessert and squeeze them into a cookie—so we can have several!

Cookie Countdown

Food Network Magazine

This extensive collection of cookie recipes has classic favorites like Candy Cane and Pignoli Cookies, and some new ideas like Pink Grapefruit Shortbread and Pomegranate Spritz Cookies.

Delicious Dozen

Family Circle

Family Circle compiled this collection by asking Facebook fans to share their best-loved Christmas cookies. It includes winners from their archives—plus a modern take on each.

Gifts So Sweet

Vegetarian Times

Take classic cookie favorites and add new inventive twists like spices, nuts, coconut, and cocoa nibs to make them a memorable gift.

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