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2014: Year in Sports Media

Sports Illustrated

Foxcatcher. Unbroken. And more engrossing documentaries than ever before. Are we living in the Golden Age of sports movies? Enjoy trailer videos, director Q&A, and the best/worst interviews of the year.

Eat Like a Viking


Europe is heeding the call of the Norse. A diet rich in berries, fish, nuts, and game is charting a course to boosting health and losing pounds. Kate Christensen reports on the new Nordic phenomenon.

Your Best Year Ever


The most effective way to meet your goals, experts say, is through a series of tiny changes. In these pages are 100 that work—in 10 minutes or less.

Let it Snow


The West has the best snow in the world. To celebrate, Sunset found the best lifts, lodges, and base camps to give you a winter’s worth of perfect snow days.

The Celebrity Scene

Hollywood Mavericks


In an increasingly risk-adverse industry, 22 innovators are transforming entertainment before our eyes. See who’s been deemed anti-leading man, rebel with a cause, scene stealer, rookie of the year, and more.

Lady Loves: Karlie and Taylor


Could it be true? OK! sources indicate that the famously boy-crazy Taylor Swift and Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss may be more than just BFFs.

Bad Company


Call it The Hack that Humiliated Hollywood. The Sony Pictures hack uncovered a filter-free, tantrum-filled treasure trove of insider emails guaranteed to embarrass some of the biggest names in showbiz.

The Year in Pictures 2014

HELLO! Canada

From the royal family to red carpets, HELLO! Canada celebrates the famous faces who made 2014 a year to remember, led by Prince George’s adorable holiday photos.

Trending in Tech

Phablet vs. Mini-Tablet


As phones grow and tablets shrink, they’re merging in form, but not always in function. PCWorld sizes up the key specs and differences you should care about.

Best of the Year: Top 100

PC Magazine

From PCs, phones, and tablets to HDTVs, wearables, and beyond, tech in 2014 covered more (and more exciting) ground than ever before.

Under the Influence


How do Facebook and Twitter and Candy Crush get us addicted to swiping and clicking and posting? Not by accident.

The Real Apple Watch Revolution


The next user interfaces require your body. It’s called haptics, and while it’s been around for years, most notably in game controllers, the Apple Watch is set to deliver this technology to the masses.

Smart Saving & Spending

International Outlook

Canadian Business

While the U.S. offers solid earnings growth following an economic recovery, overseas markets present cheaper valuations and, in emerging markets, long-term growth potential. Here, markets with promise and their most interesting stocks.

The Best Everyday Products

Consumer Reports

Should you reach for the store-brand coffee or the national product? Should you buy the Costco paper towels or the higher-priced Bounty? Here’s the ultimate shopping list of the stuff you use most often.

Stay on Top of Your Savings

Woman's Day

Managing your financial life can feel like a roller coaster. Learn which money habits can make—and break—a happy retirement, and follow this advice on how to weather the ups and downs.

Where Does Our Money Go?


In a new survey on how you spend, save, invest, and manage your assets, Essence uncovers what you’re really doing with your cash and the impact it’s having on your fiscal fitness.

Fun Reads for Travel Days

The 10 Best Caption Contests

The New Yorker

In the annual Cartoons of the Year issue, check out the top caption contests of 2014. Says who? Says you. That is, if you’re one of the crowd The New Yorker polled and then surveyed.

The 21st Annual Readers' Photo Contest

Popular Photography

From the wonder of nature in moments large and small, to stunning architecture and fascinating patterns, to life’s humorous moments, this year’s contest winners have captured some stunners. Read for a visual feast.

Reasons to Love New York

New York Magazine

Because more people are making a living wage. Because you can live in a starchitect’s downtown high-rise or a polyamorous group home. Because 6-year-olds can go clubbing. Because toplessness is a right. The 10th edition brings 49 surprising new reasons to love NYC.

The Year in Ideas

Popular Science

In 2015, advances in science and engineering will once again shape the world in profound ways. Here, 10 of the most important. Ebola vaccines, dwarf planets, virtual-reality headsets, and more.

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Bloomberg Businessweek

Bon Appétit