Cookies have been devoured. Time off is in full swing. Now it’s time to relax by the fire with the top stories of the week. Offering up: cozy comfort food, travel bucket list inspiration, and debate-worthy topics to bring to the dinner table (or maybe it’s best to keep the peace).

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Blessed. Cursed. Claimed.

National Geographic

Writer Paul Salopek plans to walk for seven years, tracing the path of humanity’s earliest ancestors from the Fertile Crescent to the southern tip of South America. In the third part of his tale, he talks about what unites the cultures living in the embattled Holy Land.

The Power of Coincidence

Men's Health

Are the events that led you to where you are today part of some grand plan, or can it all be chalked up to coincidence? Men’s Health explores the phenomenon of coincidence with personal stories and leading researchers.

2015 Preview

Entertainment Weekly

What will this year bring? The end of Don Draper. The return of Adele. New beginnings for Jurassic Park and Mad Max. Oh, and a little movie about a galaxy far, far away…

Twice Lucky

Canadian Business

The incredible story of Stewart Butterfield, who founded Flickr by accident, sold it for a small fortune, and managed to build a second billion-dollar business that may just change the way we work. And all he really wanted to do was make a video game.

Your 2015 Travel List

Best of the World 2015

National Geographic Traveler

Ready for inspiration? National Geographic Traveler’s annual list of 20 great places (from Hyderabad, India to Mont St. Michel, France to Japan) will have you packing your bags.

The Gold List 2015

Condé Nast Traveler

Sometimes the difference between a good trip and an amazing one comes down to one thing: the hotel. The Condé Nast Traveler black book spans 6 continents and 37 countries. Here, they open it to share the luxurious little details that keep them going back.

European Winter Retreats

Travel + Leisure

There’s no winter like a European winter. Especially at these six resort towns—from Iceland to Italy—where high design and haute cuisine meet crackling fires and snow-covered vistas.

Budget Caribbean Getaways

Southern Living

Escape winter with a sun-drenched trip in the Caribbean. And just because it’s high season doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Here, insider intel on three gorgeous destinations.

Healthy Dinner Table Debate

America's 20 Craziest Politicians


This month, America is inaugurating a new class of elected representatives. While some are bright and able, a few are seriously loony. And they’ll be in good company. Do these politicians make you envy monarchies?

The App That Tracks Your Kids


Chris Hulls doesn’t like it when people call his company’s app a tracking app. He prefers the term “location sharing.” Life360 is trying to corner the family social network by knowing everyone’s location all the time. Would you use it or not?

Hanging by a String


30 years ago, the theory that the universe is made up of invisible “strings” rocked the physics world. Does it still have any pull?

The Far Sideline

ESPN The Magazine

An old joke says that everyone in the NFL is either born-again or alcoholic. Scot McCloughan isn’t born-again. But he is a football savant who helped build two Super Bowl champions. Now he’s in exile. Will he get a shot to build a third? Should he?

Warm Winter Comfort Foods

Toast Points

Bon Appétit

The rise of “toast” as a food group may sound silly, but there’s no better way to show off seriously fresh, vibrant ingredients, from honey and toasted hazelnuts to tahini, avocado, kale, and more. It’s the best thing since, well, you know…

Everything's Better with Chocolate

Every Day with Rachael Ray

Chocolate may be the most classic comfort food of all time, but you’ve never seen chocolate paired with foods like this. Cinnamon buns? Sure! Cured chorizo? Bring it on!

Sunday Soups

Eating Well

Gather your friends, whether it’s for football, après-ski, or just because. This is the way to do a kicked-back weekend get-together.

Jamie Oliver's Feel-Good Food


In Chatelaine’s Chef Series, our favorite Brit is back with a new book of decadent dishes that will warm you up all winter long.

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