The Year in Magazines 2014

We hope you had fun ringing in the new year!

If you missed The Year In Magazines, recover from the celebration with a roundup of our favorite stories from 2014.

Then, get motivated! Our picks this week are all about supporting your resolutions—to eat better, work out harder, or get more organized.

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

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We Love 2015

MIdwest Living

2015 will be a year chock-full of one-of-a-kind museum exhibits, memorials, anniversary celebrations, and competitions. Consider this your first look at a year’s worth of hot travel destinations.


The New Yorker

David Sedaris spends the holiday at home on Emerald Isle, finding his 91-year-old father more agreeable than ever before. His lesson is something we can all take to heart when it comes to family: Remember the good over the bad.

The Incredibly Special Effects Awards

Popular Mechanics

Every year, the effects industry invents new techniques that allow filmmakers to tell their stories in visually-staggering ways. Here, 2014’s most stunning moments in film, including mini hotels, digital aliens, a lot of fake blood, and Michael Keaton.

Startup: You


Here’s how to approach your own career like an entrepreneur and apply the Silicon Valley formula: “adapt to the future” and “invest in yourself.” Step one: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Resolve to Eat Well

Start Your Year Off Light

Cooking Light

No more deflating promises. Use these six realistic resolutions (and 31 recipes!) to eat healthy, lose weight, and feel good about the year ahead.

The Slice is Right


These delicious recipes take no more than 15 minutes to prep, so you can have good-for-you pizza faster than the delivery dude can get to your door. Includes DIY dough that’s as easy as pie.

Eat It or Drink It

Dr. Oz The Good Life

Whether your goal is to lose weight or just reset your nutritional clock after the holidays, try this Oz Cleanse. You can sip your way toward a slimmer you with smoothies and soups, or trade your straw for a fork and knife.

Rethink Comforting Classics


Some smart ingredient swaps and sneaky cooking strategies are all it takes to transform your favorite comfort foods into healthy meals you can feel good about.

Resolve to Get Fit

Hop on the Habit Trail

Runner's World

Running in the morning, strength training, eating extra veggies. Ingrain these actions into your “normal” routine to become fitter, healthier, and happier.

Get Fit @ Work

Men's Fitness

Here’s the ultimate to-do list for strengthening your body on the job. Includes the right way to sit (or, better yet, stand) at your desk, the perfect lunch-hour workout, and the tastiest lunches to power you through the grind.

Tiny Tweaks, Major Payoff

Women's Health

You can do squats, pushups, and other classics with your eyes closed. Challenge yourself—and maximize results—with these simple tips from the new Women’s Health Little Black Book of Exercises.

The Biggest Winner: You


Want to sculpt muscle? Burn fat? Shed weight for good this time? The Biggest Loser’s new trainer divulges her best secrets for starting the year with a banging body.

Resolve to Be Productive

The New Sleep Rules


Obsessing over when, where, and how much mattress time you get may backfire on your productivity. Here, the latest science-backed techniques to ensure you get your deepest rest yet.

50 Ways to Make Your Home Mess-Free

Family Circle

Here, neat ideas to put an end to the chaos in your kitchen, bathrooms, entry way, and bedrooms. The golden rule for a clutter-free kitchen? Clear off surfaces and streamline cabinets.

Make Time for What Matters


Imagine a life where your dreams come first; where that trip you want to take, that half marathon you hope to run, that career move you intend to pursue take priority over errands, email, and daily obligations. Now, make it happen.

5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity Today

PC Magazine

Everyone wants to be more productive, but there are tricks to doing it right. Follow these tips for better productivity right now and avoid common pitfalls that lead to self-sabotage.

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