The Next Issue Resolution Challenge

Remember those collaged inspiration boards you used to make out of your favorite magazines? We’re past the days of wasted paper (thank goodness!) but Next Issue still makes it easy to gather motivation for New Year’s resolutions or “anytime” goals. You can search through categories of interest to find the best stories for you, enjoy interactive videos and playlists, and even save pages to Evernote.

That’s why we’re challenging you to try something new each day this week. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (@nextissue) for updates on the daily #ResolutionChallenge, or check back for updates below.

Have a photo or video of yourself completing a challenge? Just tag @NextIssue and post with the hashtag #ResolutionChallenge—we want to share your success!


Challenge Day 1: It’s easy to find the newest and best on the music scene right inside your Next Issue app. Sometimes you’ll even see a playlist or a behind-the-scenes video of the band. Before you explore new artists of 2015, make sure you’re up to date on all the musical happenings of the last year with Rolling Stone’s 40 Best Albums of the Year in the December 18th, 2014 issue.

Resolution Challenge Day 1

Challenge Day 2: We all know it’s that time of year to set health goals and stick to them. Food Network Magazine‘s January / February issue is here to help, with a different recipe for each night of the week (all under 500 calories!). The bonus to cooking nutritious meals at home? Your cooking skills will improve and your family certainly won’t be complaining.

Next Issue Resolution Challenge Day 2

Challenge Day 3: Organize your office, your house, your home screen, and best of all…your mind. Start with “5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity Today” in PC Magazine’s January 2015 issue for advice (and apps) to help you stay efficient and effective.

Next Issue Resolution Challenge Day 3

Challenge Day 4: Be that guy/gal who always has an interesting, new, and newsworthy tidbit of information to bring up at the water cooler or at dinner with friends. In the December 29th issue of TIME, Hillary and Jeb prepare for 2016, the Sony hack and what it means for corporate security, and the man (and his twin) taking us one step closer to Mars.

Next Issue Resolution Challenge Day 4

Challenge Day 5: This year, keep your resolve to get fit. Start out by trying some new workout techniques directly from the app, and find the method that works best for you. One recommendation: “The Biggest Winner: You” in the January / February 2015 issue of HealthThe Biggest Loser has a new trainer in town, and she’s ready to divulge her best secrets for achieving a banging body.

Next Issue Resolution Challenge Day 5

Challenge Day 6: This year, stop putting off that dream trip you’ve been dying to take and make it happen. For those who love the beach but want to stick to a budget, “Find Your Beach” in the January / February 2015 issue of Men’s Journal is a gorgeous must-read.

Next Issue Resolution Challenge Day 6

Challenge Day 7: Looking good is easy when you’re armed with plenty of ideas from magazines like Details, GQ, Esquire (men’s), InStyle, Lucky, Vogue (women’s), and many more. Pictured here, the Style section from the December 2014 / January 2015 issue of Details, complete with winter essentials, tips on comfy casual clothes and savvy winter style, and ways to “rethink your shave.”

Next Issue Resolution Challenge Day 7

Hope you’ve enjoyed putting yourself to the test and trying something new each day this week!

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