Zooey Deschanel pregnancy
Image: Flickr, Breezy Baldwin

It’s confirmed…the queen of quirky is expecting her first child this summer. Deschanel told People Magazine that she and producer boyfriend Jacob Pechenik are “over the moon” about it.

With an Us Weekly confirmation about a month ago, we found out that Zooey’s sister Emily Deschanel is also expecting. They’re sisters, stars of hit TV shows, and now pregnancy pals.

To continue the baby mama drama this week, there’s been tons of speculation that Beyoncé may have a second bun in the oven.

Beyoncé pregnancy rumors
Image: Flickr, DWNews

The star is known for making important statements via Instagram, and one of her most recent photos has the whole world guessing. Check it out and decide for yourself: is Blue Ivy getting a sibling? Or is Queen Bey just messing with our heads?

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