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This week, we’re excited to announce two sweet updates: Top Stories for iOS and Android smartphone support. Watch for even more new features and new titles in 2015!

Enjoy your MLK Day weekend with roundups of long and entertaining reads, TV & film stars like you’ve never seen them before, recipes to try, and the latest in sports.Ma

Happy Reading!

Next Issue Picks

"I Should Have Been There to Protect Him..."


It was Thanksgiving, three days after a grand jury declined to bring charges against the policeman who killed his son. An intimate story about Michael Brown Sr.—and the agony of the black father in America.

Iraq's Most Wanted Woman

Marie Claire

Iraqi politician Vian Dakhil is on a mission to protect the Yazidi population from the extermination efforts of the Islamic State. That mission has made her a prime target. Here, a report from the front lines.

When It Clicks, It Clicks

Fast Company

After a decade-long slump, Lego has rebuilt itself into a global juggernaut. Join the R&D-focused “Future Lab” annual retreat in Spain, where the top-secret group is charged with inventing entirely new, tech-enhanced play experiences for kids all over the world.

Go West: Sunset's 2015 Ultimate To-Do List


From rafting the Colorado to driving the California coast, these are the 25 best things to eat, drink, see, and do in the best places in the world. Plus, the six things you absolutely have to know to call yourself a Westerner.

Big Screen & Small Screen Stars

Women in TV 2015


Clones and copywriters. Journalists and sex scientists. Cult survivors and carnival acts. So, what do the actors have in common? A gift for delivering complex female characters who always leave us wanting just one more episode, please!

Best Performances

W Magazine

39 stars step out of their screen roles and into eccentric characters for W’s camera, some of them becoming nearly unrecognizable. (Mark Ruffalo…is that really you?)

Grey Expectations


When Jamie Dornan landed the role of Christian Grey, the Irish model-turned-actor was asked not only to play a dashing billionaire with a taste for bondage—but also to bear the weight of millions of women’s sexual fantasies. No pressure.

Golden Globes


Relive Hollywood’s big night with a behind-the-scenes view of the best-dressed, the most memorable speeches (and jokes), the exclusive after parties, and more. Bonus: Video of the stars taking People’s “Red Carpet Quiz.”

Sports Scene

Mini Tour of Duty

Golf Magazine

Fame, fortune, and untold riches await many who drink from the PGA Tour’s gilded cup. But as those aspiring to stardom know, the path is paved with bounced checks, bruised egos, and nights spent sleeping in cars. Welcome to life on the mini-tours.

NFL: Coming in From the Cold

Sports Illustrated

The Packers’ D was ordinary until a daring decision to move their best pass rusher from outside to inside linebacker. Now Green Bay is tough on the ground—and in position for a run at another Lombardi Trophy.

Old School


They don’t make sports like they used to (and in some cases, that’s a good thing). Sportsnet remembers 22 things that are gone but not forgotten from the games we all love.

Phoenix Suns: Short and to the Point

Sports Illustrated

Small ball has taken on a whole new meaning in Phoenix, where the Suns are showcasing three floor leaders (sometimes at once). Trendsetting or excessive? Consider their rivals curious.

Long Reads for the Long Weekend

Trial by Ebola

Vanity Fair

Hit with the U.S.’s first Ebola case, Dallas expected federal leadership—which never came. Instead? A few ordinary people rose to an extraordinary challenge.

We Know How You Feel

The New Yorker

Computers are learning to read emotion, and the business world can’t wait. Here, Raffi Khatchadourian on emotion-sensing software.

20 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself

O, The Oprah Magazine

How much do you really know about you? Spend some time with these essential questions, and you’ll discover things about yourself—remarkable, rewarding things—that you never anticipated.

The Web's Deepest Mystery

Rolling Stone

How a mysterious challenge on 4chan led one teenage whiz kid to solve the puzzle of Cicada, where he found himself in a world of international intrigue—with plenty of secrecy and misdirection.

Foodie's Delight

New Year, New Leaf

Vegetarian Homes

Dark leafies enhance the flavors and textures of a dish as well as its nutritional profile. Here, deliciously easy ways to eat more greens.

Match Game

Weight Watchers

When you want something comforting and delicious, it doesn’t get better than grilled cheese and soup. These five creamy, dreamy, ooey-gooey twists on this classic duo are all grown up and slimmed down.

A Year of Chocolate

Food Network Magazine

Here, a dozen amazing chocolate treats. Call it your dessert-of-the-month club. To start? Blackout cake with chocolate crunch. Yum.

Buttermilk Revival

Southern Living

There’s never been a better time to cook with the South’s most beloved ingredient. It’s simple, yet special. It’s familiar, yet there’s nothing else like it. Recipes include: triple-chocolate pound cake, mango shakes, fluffy waffles, and more.

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