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What better way to spend your weekend than watching the Oscar-nominated films and reading about their stunning stars? We’ve got you covered with Entertainment Weekly’s viewing guide below and star-studded blog post on more of the year’s top films.

We’re also serving up early Valentine’s Day inspiration with true stories, date-night style tips for men, and advice on spicing up your love life.

Then, fuel your wanderlust with jet-setter Jennifer Moody’s favorite picks. Want to be the next guest curator? Shoot us an email.

Happy Reading!

Next Issue Picks

Oscars: 2015 Viewers Guide

Entertainment Weekly

With nominations announced this week, EW ensures you’ll be the smartest person in front of the TV on February 22nd. Will Birdman beat Boyhood? Can Julianne Moore finally take home the prize? Read and cast your own votes.

Brain, Heal Thyself


Guess what? The brain is as ready to unlearn as it is to learn. New, groundbreaking research offers hope for people with chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

Past Its Prime

Bloomberg Businessweek

As Abercrombie & Fitch tries to hold on to relevance, here’s the story (complete with insider info from anonymous former executives) behind the decline of the once-popular American brand—and the fall of its mastermind, Michael Jeffries.

The Legacy of Campus Rape


Sexual assault at colleges isn’t new. And it’s not about young women who binge drink or wear tight clothing. Here, a prominent feminist examines the phenomenon—and survivors of all ages reveal how an attack changed their lives.

Jennifer's Jet-Setting Picks

Beyond Bali

Condé Nast Traveler

I recently returned from a trip that included a brief stop in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This piece makes me want to book a flight back ASAP to catch everything I might have missed.

Destination: Oahu, Hawaii


50+ countries and 47 states visited…and yet I’ve never been to Hawaii! The restaurants and boutiques highlighted here have me on the verge of cashing in my frequent flyer miles ASAP.

Mekong River Cruise

Travel + Leisure

A journey up the Mekong River just rose to the top of my “must do” list. Don’t forget to click the link to the author’s trip album—the photos are to die for!

The Powder and the Glory

Vanity Fair

My skiing is more about the après these days. So, who better to dish out travel advice on the chicest global snow bunny enclaves than Pippa Middleton?

Feeling Phototastic

A Dog's Life

Popular Photography

Great canine portraits mean the world to the friends of man’s best friend. To help you capture Fido’s best side, follow these tips from Gary Parker, a photographer who puts the wow in bow-wow.

The New New York


Lower Manhattan has been reborn—with world-class architecture and an influx of culture and nightlife. Where else, then, to showcase the best of the New York fashion collections?

Very Alluring


CherieFoto’s successful business promotes sensuality and self-image. Here’s how a husband and wife team became L.A.’s top boudoir photographers.

Photo Annual 2015


The very best surf photos from the very best surf photographers. This collection showcases both impressive athleticism and the breathtaking beauty of the coast.

A Little Sweet, A Little Steamy

Sex Without Boundaries


Right now, open-minded generations are destroying sexual mores with joy. And talking all about it is more acceptable than ever. Celebrate this shame-free frontier with 15 pages of uncensored advice, confessions, and taboo-breaking tales.

Back From the Brink

Today's Parent

What’s more romantic than almost splitting up, then fighting to stay together? Three people whose relationships very nearly came apart share how they stitched themselves back together again.


Good Housekeeping

One broken heart, one very memorable kiss, and one sweet soul-mate meeting. Three writers share lessons they’ve learned from life’s most powerful and wonderful feeling.

First Comes Love, Then Comes...Moving In


Cohabitation is the new getting engaged, and almost 50% of young women in the U.S. live with a boyfriend before saying “I do.” From dividing dirty dishes to, ahem, other dirty things, here’s how to make living together feel like home sweet home.

Date Night Debonair

Modus: Getting Sneaky


The office dress code has loosened up, but that doesn’t mean you should stroll into work with scuffed Chucks on your feet. High-end high tops fall into that sweet spot of being suit-worthy and perfect with a pair of jeans.

Mixed Message


It’s easy to forget that the flawless, luxe clothes you see on the runway are meant to be worn in the real world. Spring’s standouts not only look better when paired together, but are irresistibly accessible.

Style: The (New) Extra 10%


When less is more (which it usually is) and simpler is better (ditto), how should a man stand out in 2015? HBO’s Togetherness creators Mark and Jay Duplass are here to show us.

Dialed-In Style

Men's Fitness

Fine-tune your personal style with a few key accessories that are as smart and sophisticated as they are practical and timeless, including a watch that’s going places and a clip-on you can be proud of.

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