fnext issue guest curator johanna hoadleyWhether you can’t wait to see the No. 1 seeds face off, or you’re in it for the halftime show and the ads (not to mention the snacks), we’ve rounded up all you need to prepare for Super Bowl Sunday.

Then, escape the football frenzy with weird science and tech, plus adventure inspiration from our very own Director of Product Management. An avid backpacker, Jodi shares her favorite stories on the outdoors, our planet, and healthy living.

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Next Issue Picks

The Long, Strange Purgatory of Casey Kasem


He was the unmistakable voice who created “American Top 40” and our most beloved deejay—which makes the tabloid circumstances of his demise seem surreal. Amy Wallace investigates the tragic final days (and weird afterlife) of a radio legend.

Baby's First Year

National Geographic

The more scientists find out about how children acquire the capacity for language, numbers, and emotional understanding, the more they realize that the baby brain is an incredible learning machine. What happens in the first year is profound.

The Saveur 100 Cooks' Edition


We love Saveur’s annual guide to the inventive chefs, oddball ingredients, and ingenious tips that make us happy cooks. #16: Enrage an Italian—eat cheese with your fish and #56: Roast white chocolate. Ok!

What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women


Silicon Valley has never produced a female Gates, Zuckerberg, or Kalanick, and the sexism there continues to run sordidly and systemically. Will it take a revolution to bring it down? Or maybe a woman’s touch?

Jodi's Picks: The Great Outdoors

Peru Two Ways


My fiancé and I are considering hiking the Salcantay Trek for our honeymoon, so imagine my delight when I opened up the latest issue of Backpacker to find these gorgeous photos and descriptions.

Cinderella Story


Did you know there are more Siberian tigers in captivity in the U.S. than there are in the wild across the earth? Here’s the heart-wrenching story of the fight to save these beautiful big cats.

Spotlight: Troubled Waters


Short but very insightful reminder of just how detrimental human actions and global warming are to our oceans. Tap each of the icons to see the effects on ocean temperatures, wildlife, and more.

Best of Spring


I’ll admit, I snowshoe more often than I ski, but this skiing celebration gives me tons of ideas on places that still pack powder, even in the Spring. To try: the “Spring Grüv” festival at Canyons Resort, a cold beer in Squaw Valley, and more.

Weird Science (And Tech)

The Worst Jobs in Science

Popular Science

Think your job’s bad? Try excavating 4,500 years of bat guano. These 10 down-and-dirty labors are hard, dangerous, and outright gross—and people love them anyway.

Getting Up


How skateboard legend Rodney Mullen became a hacker, a consultant to top tech firms, and a superstar on the Silicon Valley lecture circuit.

The Great White Hope


Former reality-show skipper Chris Fischer has revolutionized shark science with a daring system for catching them alive and a radical research-funding model. Is this guy the next Cousteau or a corporate-sponsored hype machine?

The Guinea Pig Economy


With and without our consent, websites, wearables, and apps are running millions of experiments on us every day to make them more money and make us healthier, happier, and smarter.

Super Bowl XLIX Pre-Game

Game On!

Bon Appétit

Want to throw the best party ever? Here, beer picks, remote-control regulations, and a Buffalo Wing Popcorn recipe (yes, it’s as good as it sounds).

Super Bowl XLIX Preview

ESPN The Magazine

In today’s NFL, the craziest, most creative plays happen inside the 20. And that’s where the title is going to be won. Here’s an analysis of the offense and defense on both teams, plus key plays to watch for.

Pro-Files: The Man With the Golden Gut


Though this wasn’t The Broncos’ year, John Elway’s instincts, hard work, and swagger as an NFL player and general manager could one day take him to the Super Bowl as an executive.

Richard Sherman on the State of the NFL and More

Sports Illustrated

Player discipline. The trouble with Roger Goodell. As the Seahawks line up for another run at the Lombardi Trophy, the leader of the NFL’s most fearsome secondary offers his own take on the state of the game.

Your Body, Your Health

8 Big Heart Mistakes You're Making Now


Two main pillars of the “heart-healthy diet” are crumbling as new science casts doubt on what we thought we knew. Fix these common misconceptions and you’ll put aging in instant reverse.

Grain Man

Food & Wine

There was a time when 80% of NYC chef Marco Canora’s diet was made up of white bread—the really good crusty kind from Sullivan Street Bakery. Here, how grains like rye berries, amaranth, quinoa, and farro saved his life. Recipes included.

Annals of Food: A Bug in the System

The New Yorker

Many believe food-safety attorney Bill Marler is one of the few functioning pieces in a broken system. Here, why last night’s chicken made you sick, and how Marler wants to change that.

How Not to Get Sick(er) in the Hospital

Consumer Reports

Sometimes you can be in worse shape coming out than going in, thanks to medical errors and dangerous infections. But you can increase your odds of staying healthy by getting staff to listen and to treat you with respect.

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