Photo: Screenshot: Nationwide/YouTube

Are you an adult American whose residence has nothing to do with being under a rock? Then chances are you watched or at least heard all about yesterday’s Super Bowl and the accompanying commercials, AKA the craziest emotional roller coaster ride we’ve ever embarked on together as a nation.

We were empowered (Always), we were brought to tears (ahem, Nationwide), we were lulled to sleep—albeit in a creepy dream-like trance (Jeff Bridges and Squarespace), and we were laughing again in no time (Pitch Perfect, Loctite).

The seven commercials below are some of the post-Super Bowl cream of the crop. Give them a watch, then open up your Next Issue app for more from your favorite magazines.

1) In the spirit of Always’ empowering campaign, Today’s Parent put the spotlight on 12 things everyone should do #LikeAGirl.

2) Kim Kardashian cleverly poked fun at her self(ie)-obsession in a spot for T-Mobile’s “data stash” program, and People got Kim’s take on the whole process.

3) The No More campaign shed new light on the tragedies of domestic abuse, and The New Yorker broke down the NFL’s plight around the issue.

4) Nationwide shocked with their commercial about dead children, then issued a formal statement about it. 

5) Then, it was up to Pitch Perfect (with help from the Green Bay Packers) to lighten the mood. 

6) Relatively-unknown adhesive brand Loctite kept the laughter coming, and Fast Company explored how the 52-year-old brand achieved a perfect level of weirdness.

7) After all the frenzy came to an end, we were lulled off to dreamland by Jeff Bridges’ sweet, sweet ramblings, introduced by a beautifully-designed ad for Squarespace.

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