Next Issue Mags in Music

Isn’t it sweet when two of your favorite things collide? This week, just in time for the Grammys, we’re celebrating the crossover of our own favorite things—magazines and music. And we’re counting on you to help.

To get started, we’ve created a playlist of 25 songs that either contain some form of the word “magazine,” or name-check a specific magazine title in the lyrics. We’ll end the week with a Casey Kasem-style countdown of the best #MagsInMusic.

But in the meantime, we need to mine the musical knowledge of you—our favorite magazine lovers—to help us round up the top #MagsInMusic songs. Just tweet the lyrics or post them on Facebook, tag @NextIssue, and include #MagsInMusic. If we don’t have it already, we’ll add it to the list. Check back Friday to see if your song made the cut!

Next Issue Mags in Music tweet

Here’s our #MagsInMusic playlist to get those lyrical juices flowing—including Grammy nominees and performers like Meghan Trainor, Taylor Swift, and Madonna herself.

P.S. For more musical goodness, check out articles like “Grammy Breakout: Hozier” in Entertainment Weekly (1/30), “The Liberation of Sam Smith” in Rolling Stone (2/12), and “The Long Strange Purgatory of Casey Kasem” in GQ.

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