Mags in Music

This week our two true loves—magazines and music—collide.

1) The annual National Magazine Awards honor best-in-class journalism and design. Congratulations to Vogue, voted Magazine of the Year, National Geographic, Best Tablet Magazine, and all of this year’s winners. Don’t miss our winners-roundup and award-winning stories below.

2) We couldn’t stop dancing as we assembled a collection of Grammy-related stories. Pop quiz: Do you know which Grammy nominee sings, “I see the magazines workin’ that Photoshop”? Follow #MagsInMusic and join us as we count down the Top 10 lyrical magazine references of all time.

Happy Grooving and Happy Reading!

Next Issue Picks

The 2015 Great Value Awards

Woman's Day

WD’s editors and reader testers agree: These flattering fashion pieces and beauty gems are worth every penny because they’ll save you time, money, energy—or all three. See the winning go-to trousers, comfy flats, magic hair tool, and more.



They were in love but slightly adrift. So they did the only thing that seemed to make sense—they took their bikes to the most godforsaken place they could think of and just started riding. Jared Gruber shares lessons learned (and gorgeous photos) from the journey.

In the Hot Seat


Even regular workouts aren’t enough to offset the 12-15 hours that most of us sit every day. All that sitting invites heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Follow this easy advice to increase energy, rev your metabolism, and get your butt moving.

The Prep School and the Predator

Vanity Fair

It was the kind of article that might have gone unnoticed. But instead, a Marlborough graduate’s essay about a flirtation with a teacher rocked the elite L.A. girls’ school. Then the ensuing investigation downplayed the most explosive revelation.

Stop. Grammy Time.

Grammy Showdown: 2015

Rolling Stone

Is this Iggy Azalea’s year, or could Sam Smith pull off a sweep? Who rocked harder, Beck or U2? Here, an expert panel of artists predicts the night’s top winners.

Grammy Breakout: Hozier

Entertainment Weekly

You may not know this man’s face. But we promise you know his music…and it may have made you cry. From commercials to catwalks—and now the Grammy Ballot—”Take Me to Church” is spreading the gospel of Hozier to the world.

The Legacy Project


The music world is still the most innovative, energizing, eclectic slice of the American-pop-culture pie. To celebrate the 2015 Grammys, take a look at the music makers who, this year, left something lasting behind.

Grammy Insider


From Beyoncé and Taylor Swift to Sam Smith and more—an A-to-Z guide to music’s biggest night. A for “All About That Bass.” B for “Bang Bang.” And so it continues, all the way to Z.

Celebrate National Magazine Awards

Eat Prey Love

Vogue, Magazine of the Year

After the sudden loss of her father, author Helen Macdonald found solace in the ancient art of falconry, training a goshawk whose fierce solitude seemed to match her own.

The Invisible War

National Geographic, Best Tablet Magazine

Although unseen, brain trauma from a blast force strikes deeply into a soldier’s mind and psyche. One look at the animation, imagery, and audio interviews in this story, and it’s easy to see what made this magazine a winner.

Ready or Not

O, Best Personal Service Story

You know it’s coming; your parents aren’t immortal. But when the storm hits, few of us are remotely prepared. This special guide will help you face the future head-on, so you can give the best possible care to those who once took care of you.

The Complete Guide to Fire

Backpacker, Best Leisure Interest Story

Learn how to harness the strength of fire to cook, survive, and connect to a primal force as old as time itself. Includes 43 things you can do with a fire, how to tell a good campfire story, why you should never pee on a fire, and more.

Be Mine, Valentine

Say It With Sparkles


Let your kids shine on Valentine’s Day. Here, 8 treats and cards they can make for friends and family, from cookie sandwiches topped with edible glitter to cards crafted with sequins.

We <3 Chocolate


Sure, there’s a place in the dessert kingdom for flavors like vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, and lemon. But on Valentine’s Day, don’t mess around: Bring on the chocolate.

This is 50


The perfect Valentine’s date: go see Fifty Shades of Grey. In an exclusive interview, stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan talk about the rumors, the Red Room, and the many, many ways they bonded.

Share the Love

Better Homes and Gardens

Whip up a few handmade Valentine’s Day gifts with some help from the creative mind behind the sustainable fashion company Alabama Chanin. Amazing looking cards are surprisingly simple.

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