Sports Illustrated officially revealed the cover for the 2015 Swimsuit Issue, and it was met with a healthy mingling of excitement and controversy. You can see the full issue in your Next Issue app on Tuesday, February 10th. 


It all started with the first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (circa 1964), featuring Babette March on a Caribbean beach. The rest is history. Each year, readers and spectators eagerly wait for February to roll around, just to see which bikini-clad babe will grace the cover.

This year, that babe is 24-year-old Hannah Davis.

Some feel the new cover is even more risqué than those of the past. 68% of people polled by Us Weekly voted the cover more porn-worthy than hot, while one People Senior Writer worries we’re becoming desensitized.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit reaction

But despite some of the negative attention, no one was more shocked (and overjoyed) than Hannah Davis herself. Sports Illustrated pulled off a flawless prank to deliver Hannah the big news.

We can’t wait to see the full swimsuit spread, available in Next Issue Tuesday, February 10th.

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